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For most of our existence, people have known us as® - the site that spawned the reusable shopping bag movement & raised awareness of the plastic bag problem. However, through our vision and actions we've always been much more. To embody what we're all about, our store and proprietary line of innovative products are now named® (reuse it). The name captures the essence of our proactive spirit to adopting a reusables lifestyle. Of course,® still exists as part of our information hub with more sites to come - each one designed to raise awareness and educate on a variety of specific consumption issues.

"solutions that work for people and the planet," - Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director Co-Op America

About the® Store & reuseit™ Products® is the new name for our store, which has empowered hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce, reuse & save since its launch in 2003. It's a place where you will find our family of "best of the best" reusables available in many categories so you can eliminate disposables from every part of your life -- from bags and bottles to lunch, household items and beyond. Practical, innovative and high-quality, our offerings give consumers smart alternatives to use-and-toss items and the false promise of cheap reusables flooding the marketplace.

reuseit™ is also the name we've adopted for our proprietary line of reusables (formerly known as ACME Bags). While we'll stay true to our core of offering outstanding reusable bags, this name change allows us to grow beyond just bags. You'll find the same philosophy we've always embraced - offering everyday basics that are practical, durable made from safe, sustainable / high-performance materials in accordance with Fair Labor / Fair Trade practices.Read more here.


 "® will be at the forefront of the coming 'bring your own bag' revolution,"
-The San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 2004®,, & more

Well before the problems associated with massive over-consumption of use-and-toss bags had hit people's radar,® was launched to wake people up to the issue. We've been instrumental in thrusting this issue into the public consciousness - from inspiring hundreds of news stories to empowering individuals with practical products and activist tools. Read our endorsements here. Under®,® continues to act as a hub and catalyst, offering intelligent solutions and busting common myths & misconceptions.

Since our inception, we've also been influential in addressing problems associated with single-serving beverage containers, water bottles and lunch waste. In the near future, and will launch as the first sister sites to®. Each will package easily digestible facts, relevant news, myth-busting articles and the wealth of other information we've assembled over the years. By casting a critical eye and delivering facts & solutions, we'll continue to help guide consumers to the truth and take action on these issues as they evolve.

As you can see, our vision goes way beyond bags. We're empowering people to live a lifestyle of reducing, reusing and saving.

Help support our efforts - Please visit our store and help spread the word. 

Vincent Cobb Founder,®

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