Since we narrowly avoided the end of the world (whew!), today's guest post is incredibly timely! We're happy to welcome a piece from reuseit fan Jeanie Barcus with some great ideas for reusing your outdated calendars. Jeanie is a writer and stay at home mom. She has two boys and loves spending her time crafting and finding new ways to decorate.

Months fly by, the old calendars start to pile up in drawers, and the clutter persists. Why not put those calendars to good use? With a little creativity in-hand, you can upcycle outdated calendars in ways that allow you to get continued use out of them. The following list is merely a primer for the possibilities at hand!

Use as Placemats
One way to reuse those old months is to turn them into placemats. Create completely unique placemats with just two pieces of wax paper and an iron. Handmade calendar placemats are perfect for a 12-person dinner party. As conversation starters, you can count on the discussion taking a turn down memory lane, especially if the pictures you use are from personalized family calendars. Spice up the mats by incorporating pictures from the specific month in the setting. October mats can feature snap shots from that year's Halloween party. Thanksgiving memories from childhood can be incorporated into November mats.

Hang as Art
Do not underestimate the power of art. Many calendars feature artwork from famous painters and photographers. Consider framing these images to hang around the house. Buying each individual print can be costly, so keep your favorite calendar images with you year-round. You can even make your own personalized pieces by creating a collage of images. Use images specific to one particular year or combine the images with your own drawing. Unique handiwork results in unique home décor! 

Create Cute Envelopes
There is no need to spend money on pre-made stationary any longer! Reuse old calendars by turning them into unique envelopes and letter heads. A few simple folds and some scotch tape results in postage material that will brighten the faces of your recipients. Attractive note cards and envelopes are easy to create. There are dozens of different folding patterns to make both large and small envelopes, and plans for these designs can be found in numerous places online.

Packaging Material
If you are not feeling the spark of creativity but feel it necessary to do your part for the environment, then simply reuse those old pages as packing material. Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap are expensive, and neither are friendly additions to our landfills. Balling up the old pages provides plenty of protection for valuables that need to be handled with care. 

Save for the Future
An extremely patient, organized, and frugal person will find the next proposition intriguing. The days on the calendar will eventually be accurate once again. For example, a calendar from 2008 will be correct when we reach the year 2036. If you have a propensity for math, then you can do a few calculations and seriously cut down on the investments you have to make on calendars in the future.

Image: Everyday Art