Hi there! I'm Becky Striepe from Glue and Glitter, a site that's all about green crafts and vegan food. I'm super excited that the folks at reuseit.com asked me to share some fun fall-themed crafts with you guys. When the weather starts to cool off, my coffee- and tea-drinking takes off, and I'm loving these DIY coffee and tea cozy projects! Not all of these cozies are for to-go cups, but since we're all about reuse around here, this definitely deserves mentioning. Obviously, bringing your own, reusable mug is the eco-friendliest way to get hot drinks on the go. The reusable coffee sleeves in this post are meant for stashing in your purse so that on the days that you forget your reusable mug, at least you can say no to a little bit of single-use disposable waste. Ready to get your tea and coffee craft on? Check out these 5 DIY coffee and tea cozies!

1. No-Sew Coffee Sleeve from a Man's Shirt I'm loving this video tutorial from The Guilty Crafter on turning the cuff from an old men's button-up shirt into a repurposed coffee sleeve. She combines the cuff with the sleeve from an old sweater, so this cozy is super insulated, too. Check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M0chWJVIBg

2. Coffee Sleeve from a Bike Inner Tube When bike shops replace a blown tire, they can't recycle the tube that they replace. This upcycled bike inner tube coffee sleeve not only keeps your cup warm and helps you reduce waste, but it diverts some waste from the landfill at the same time!

3. DIY Tea Cozy When you brew a proper pot of tea, it's always a bummer to pour the last cup and find out it's gone cold. DIY tea cozy to the rescue! You can make this a green craft project by using reclaimed or organic fabric, and choosing organic cotton batting - instead of the usual polyester batting, which is really just plastic.

4. Upcycled Sweater Coffee Cozy What I love the most about this coffee cozy tutorial from Needle and Nest Design is that she doesn't just make the cozy and then put that sweater back in her stash. Instead, she shows you how to harvest four different cozy, upcycled craft projects from one sweater, coffee cozy included!

5. Knitted Button-Up Cozy If you know how to knit, you're going to love this DIY cup cozy from Setting for Four. The button-up front means you can use this cozy for a proper coffee mug with a handle, not just a to go cup. Use reclaimed or organic yarn to make this an even more eco-friendly project!

You can find more upcycled craft ideas along with lots of yummy vegan recipes on my site, Glue and Glitter. Check out reuseit.com for lots of coffee & tea related reusables - from stainless steel insulated travel mugs to glass straws to reusable gold coffee filters!