As many eco-conscious families and students well know, recycling plastic spiral bound notebooks is a tricky affair
—frequently requiring you to separate plastic covers from metal bindings, and ripping out dozens of often unused sheets of paper.

Why not avoid the hassle, expenses and the waste?
Go back to school, the office, the grocery store or back to the drawing board with this stylishly simple and sustainable chic DIY upcycled notebook, in six easy steps.

What you’ll need:

Scissors, paper, cardboard, needle and thread, button and gluestick

6 Easy Steps:

1)    Cut out cereal box to make notebook cover
and fold in half

2)    Sew button to notebook’s front cover, leaving enough thread leftover to wrap around notebook—this will tie the notebook closed

Folded cereal box with sewed button and extra thread

3)    If desired, cover prints on cereal box
front by gluing an extra piece of paper on top

4)    Stitch your paper to spine with needle and thread

Stitch paper to spine with simple stitches

Stitch paper to spine with very simple stitches

5)    To decorate front cover, use your imagination!

        We’ve glued the pocket of an old pair of jeans to create an eraser/pencil case.

Finished product!

6)    Throw into your purse for your next shopping list
or your little one’s backpack for her next day at school!


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• Cereal box (or any pliable cardboard)

• Paper (the more recycled content,
the better!)

• Needle and thread

• Glue stick

• Button

• Ribbon or decorative paper (optional)