Besides our health, family and friends, there’s another obvious thing to be grateful for on Thanksgiving Day: leftovers! But according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day household waste increases by more than 25%. Yes, that's a lot! Most of us want to preserve those holiday leftovers as long as possible so they don't end up in the garbage—but doing so without using yards and yards of disposable aluminum foil or plastic wrap can be a challenge. Here's a couple of reusable solutions and ideas for a green thanksgiving. Aluminum Foil Is Easy to Recycle in Theory, but Difficult in Practice. Although aluminum is 100% recyclable, used aluminum foil isn’t often accepted by recycling centers. Some centers will accept foil only if it has been thoroughly cleaned and poses no threat of contamination to the aluminum recycling stream. Plus, curbside recycling programs aren’t always equipped to process foil. Replacing Aluminum Foil with a Reusable Alternative Is an Easy Solution. Aluminum foil is a convenient way to keep food covered, protected and warm while you’re waiting to eat and even after. Its usefulness really can’t be denied—but the waste it creates can! By committing to a green thanksgiving and switching to a reusable food wrap, like these Abeego Flats or the Talisman Pie and Pot Pie Protectors, you can still enjoy fresher leftovers, warm baked goods and keep food covered and protected.


Abeego Flats | Green Thanksgiving

Abeego Flats Food Wraps


  Silicone Pot Pie Shields | Green Thanksgiving

Talisman Silicone Pie Protectors

Also according to the EPA, Americans Use Enough Plastic Wrap Each Year to Wrap All of Texas! That’s a pretty lousy gift to the environment. Plus, due to the complicated nature of the material, it isn’t feasible to recycle. Most of that handy cling wrap goes straight to the landfill after just one use. An easy way to avoid the environmental consequences of single-use plastic wrap is to choose a reusable replacement. For years, many dedicated reusers have turned to airtight Tupperware and other reusable storage containers to house leftovers, baked goods, etc., but for many these reusable options just don’t have the adaptable convenience of plastic wrap in wrapping up oblong containers and strange shapes. Until now. Meet our Favorite Plastic Wrap Replacement = Fusionbrands CoverBlubber® Reusable Food Savers, Set of 4. When our Brand Manager handed us this CoverBlubber (which can be found in our reusable food storage collection), we were immediately intrigued…and entertained by the squishy, stretchy texture. Not only is it less expensive than traditional plastic wrap, it's also safer! Made from a unique, BPA-free, FDA-approved, food-safe substance called StickyRubber™ that is safe to use both in the refrigerator and freezer. Use both hands to simply stretch around and over whatever you want to save (any shape container or loose food item); the cover will shrink to fit and create an airtight seal around your object of choice.

CoverBlubber Reusable Food Savers | Green Thanksgiving

CoverBlubber® Reusable Food Savers Turkey Day Leftovers Done Right for a Green Thanksgiving. Fortunately, we also have a lot of great reusable food containers to help you reduce waste. Ultimately, if you have to throw away biodegradable items—please hit the compost pile or try one of our kitchen composters. Mother Nature will be glad you did. Here are just a few food-saving storage containers we recommend: Orka by Mastra Food Savers are great for storing leftover meal components. That leftover half of an onion (or lemon, garlic or tomato!) now has a color-coded, perfectly sized reusable container to keep it fresh in the fridge until you’re ready to cook again. No plastic wrap or disposable sandwich bags required!

Orka Food Savers | Green Thanksgiving


The Best Fresh Reusable Bread Bag will keep your Thanksgiving Day rolls, croissants, muffins or breadsticks soft and fresh for days. In fact, we like to make a few extra to be sure there’s plenty for snacking on over the weekend.


Reusable Bread Bag | Green Thanksgiving


Lifefactory 4-Cup Glass Storage Food Storage with Silicone Sleeve comes in a convenient size that won’t take up much space in your pre-Thanksgiving cabinet. Made of tempered glass with a silicone sleeve (both are oven (up to 425 degrees), microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe,) your glass food storage container can serve as to-go ware and bakeware, too!


Lifefactory Glass Food Storage with Silicone Sleeve | Green Thanksgiving


Our very own reuseit Nesting Food Containers Glass Food Storage Containers seal airtight and can be used in the fridge, freezer or microwave. They’re perfect for foods you don’t plan to eat right away or want to conveniently heat directly from the fridge.


reuseit Silicone Food Storage Containers | Green Thanksgiving


And also from our exclusive line: reuseit Glass Food Storage Containers. Produce and other food stays fresher longer in non-leaching and toxin-free glass—it's a fact! Microwave and dishwasher safe, each container comes with an airtight, BPA-free plastic lid.


reuseit Glass Food Storage Containers | Green Thanksgiving