Let’s face it, you can’t beat the convenience of a use and toss plastic bag. Even we’ll say it!  But as much as we are all willing to admit that, we all also know that that convenience comes with a price—it costs damage to our environment. So, here at Reuseit, we went to the drawing board with a question: can we have both? Can we have use and toss convenience and a safe, healthy, and clean environment without plastic waste? Turns out, the answer is yes!

Meet our Home Compostable Resealable Bags. The latest and greatest in eco-innovation, these TIPA storage bags are like none you've used before. With an unsurpassed level or durability, sustainability, and best of all, effortless home compostability, they are the greenest bags available. Boasting ASTM D6400 certification and approval for both home and industrial composting, you can use them, add them to your compost pile and expect to never see them again after approximately 24 weeks—We’re not kidding, NEVER see them again.

Here's the breakdown: results from testing used to simulate home composting conditions showed complete breakdown after 24 weeks.

Breakdown results from simulated home composting conditions

There are no limitations to how you can use these eco-friendly bags as compared to traditional use and toss plastic storage bags—they are even freezer safe! Available in three different standard sizes, they are ideal for meal prep, lunch packing, food storage, and even for packing liquids in your bag or suitcase. You won't have to worry about you or a little one forgetfully tossing out your reusable bags, nor will you ever need to wash these bags out after packing something messy inside. Plus, they feature a space on the front to write labels, such as names, dates and more. They possess all of the convenience of everyday plastic bags with absolutely none of the waste or guilt. Without a thought, you can use and toss them into the compost at home or send them to a municipal compost facility without a second thought.

Key Features & Benefits:

+ Compostable organic biomass material that decomposes even in home compost piles
+ Convenient write-on label
+ Three Sizes: Sandwich, Quart, & Gallon
+ Zipper closure
+ Freezer safe
+ Exclusive Reuseit design

We know, we know, “plastic” sandwich, quart and gallon bags that do a disappearing act when composted, sounds like magic, but it’s science actually.  They’re made from organic biomass, which can be most simply defined as, “matter derived from living, or recently living organisms.” So yeah, they come from the earth and have no problem going back to it!

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