If you’re anything like me, you can go into a sheer frenzy over “sales” and “low prices." Who doesn’t like a bargain? Unfortunately, I believe that our understanding of the true cost of a product has been skewed. Often, products are manufactured abroad, with low wages and low labor standards. We woke up one day to realize that almost everything in our homes was manufactured in another country—most likely, China.

Since the launch of reuseit.com in 2003, the concern over products manufactured in China (and other countries) has grown. So, as skeptical consumers ourselves, the team at reuseit makes sure everything we offer (including products made in the USA) meets strict criteria in the following areas:

• Safety testing results
• Ecological impact
• Quality
• Style
• Performance
• Durability
• Value

It’s nearly impossible to source certain—such as safe, high-quality stainless steel water bottles—from within the US. However, we’ve been fortunate to partner with over 300 vendors, and we continue to support companies which manufacturer responsibly, no matter where their products are manufactured. Ultimately, our goal is to help the environment by supporting companies that adhere to safe and ethical manufacturing and labor practices, while creating alternatives to disposable items. Companies such as Kinderville, Klean Kanteen, ChicoBags and Blue Avocado all manufacture their products safely and responsibly in China.

For example, one of our partners, To-Go Ware, manufacturers their products abroad, while still maintaining high manufacturing standards, so they can sell their products at an affordable price point. They explain it well, highlighting the importance of making reusable products available to the masses, not just the people wealthy enough to afford them:

“The issue of accessibility within the modern sustainability movement is something that concerns us, as we have witnessed the privilege that has turn

ed 'sustainability' into a luxury not everyone can afford. This is why we have chosen to source our manufacturing abroad. Currently the grade of stainless we require for our food carriers is not available for manufacturing in the United States at a price that would allow us to sell the food carrier at an affordable price point. We also believe that the more accessible our product is, the wider the audience and the greater shift in consciousness around our society's wasteful throw-away culture. In doing so, we have sought out international partners that are doing well by their employees and the environment.” —To-Go Ware

If we as consumers want to see more reusable products made in the USA in the future, then we need to support and buy products from these companies that manufacture both in the US and in foreign countries safely and responsibly. In our experience, it’s difficult for companies to meet the conflicting demands of consumers who want products manufactured in the USA, but in the same breath demand “discounts," “sales” and “bottom-dollar prices." The demand in "supply and demand" does not mean that we “demand” made in the USA products, or that we “demand” responsibly made goods, but rather represents the amount that consumers are willing to pay.

We do our best to distingusih our line of Made in the USA products, as well as products safely and responsibly made in China and India. When shopping in a particular product category, you can also use our left navigation filter to sort by Country of Origin to make the right purchasing decision for you.