Drought isn’t a new topic these days—and it affects more than just California. Changes in our global climate increase the risk of hydrological drought, causing moisture levels in groundwater, streams, rivers and other water sources to decrease. These effects can already be seen and felt across our country—our rivers are beginning to run dry. Our partner American Rivers is dedicated to protecting our country’s beautiful, life-giving waterways. The latest edition in a series of short films highlights the transfixing power of the Flint River, a mystic 344-mile waterway in the ACF river basin of western Georgia, a region the US Drought Monitor classifies as "abnormally dry". Learn more! Check out this inspiring short film ---->



This film explores our intrinsic connection to rivers and wildlife through three lovers of the Flint River. Robin McInvale: Robin's husband used to take her to the Upper Flint on fishing dates. Four decades later the couple retreats to their riverside cabin most weekends to canoe and fish the waters they know as well as they know each other, introducing their grandchildren to their love of the Flint. Jimmy Miller: Jimmy grew up fishing the lower Flint's shoals and diving its freshwater springs. He has traveled the world and currently works stints on a schooner in the Atlantic and Caribbean, spending his off-time in a simple riverside cabin, and on the river, south of Albany's Radium Springs. Paul DeLoach:  Paul is a pioneer among cave divers worldwide.  He knows and loves the waters of the Flint River basin well, both above and below the surface, mapping the underground intricacies of the springs in most portions of the Floridan Aquifer in Georgia and Florida. One of the founders of Flint Riverkeeper, for decades he has been a leader in exploring and conserving the Flint's waters. Get your activist on—you can learn more about the wonderful acts of conservation our partner American Rivers is working to accomplish (and watch all the films in their series) here.