Here at reuseit, we advocate healthy, mindful living in all aspects of each and every day—and that means taking care of our bodies while also taking care of the planet. Whether you’re trying to drop pounds or simply just trying practice healthy, balanced nomming, being aware of and controlling the size of your portions is an essential part of a mindful lifestyle. Not only will it help you cut out unnecessary calories, portion control is also a great way to cut down on food waste, too! Read on to discover how to portion control the hassle-free, planet-friendly way—as well as some of our favorite portion control containers.




Do you know what 2 cups of lettuce looks like? What about 3 ounces of fish? Yeah… us neither. When it comes time to portion control, don’t just assume you can eyeball out the perfect portion. Cut down on portion distortion—take some time to research proper portion sizes (we really like this portion size guide from the Dairy Council of California), then choose to use containers that are appropriately sized or feature measurement indicators. In a pinch? A great rule of thumb is to remember that a healthy portion of whatever you’re eating should be able to fit in your hands—an appropriately sized portion of most grains, starches, fruits, veggies and meat is 1 cup or less. A ½-cup portion will fit in the palm of your hand; a 1-cup portion is roughly the same size as your fist.







Ahhhhh—this is good advice in so many ways. Choose to snack on all-natural fruits and veggies rather than other high-calorie nomnoms. Choose good, clean H2O (always in a reusable cup or bottle!) rather than drinking down hidden calories in sweet, sugary drinks. Choose to eat on smaller plates or out of smaller bowls and containers—and, choose the right container to fit your needs and lifestyle. At home and on the go, we turn to some of our innovative food storage solutions and to one our favorite brands, Sistema® for easy ways to pack up properly sized portions day after day after day. Bento boxes work great too!  Each and every food container you’ll find over at is perfect for convenient storage and snacking at home—and they make well-portioned waste-free lunch a no-brainer. Just look at these amazing options:

Reuseable Food Storage Containers | Portion Control


1) Sistema® Accents: These little guys really pack a portion-friendly punch! Each compact container in the set of three holds just under a cup, allowing you to pack away just a balanced portion of your favorite snack. Keep a stack of them packed and ready for snack time in the cabinet so you’re never tempted to mindlessly munch down more than you should. 2) reuseit Glass Food Storage Containers: The same goes here—our exclusive, nifty storage


reuseit Glass Food Storage Containers | Portion Control


containers make it easy to keep properly sized portions close at hand (we also have round glass containers, too!). The wallet-friendly set of four includes a wide range of sizes to simplify portion control at home and on the go—and they’re great for waste-free home storage and organization too!


Knick Knack Mini Packs Food Containers | Portion Control


3) Sistema® Knick Knack Mini Pack: Ok, so, like, fruit and veggies are all well and good, but sometimes we all just need a little chocolate. And that’s ok! A weak moment doesn’t have to ruin all the good work you’ve done in sticking to your healthy eating plan—just indulge in the right-size portion! These compact little containers come in a colorful set of four and allow you to pack up just a nibble of your favorite guilty pleasure.  


Reusable Food Storage Containers for Lunch | Portion Control


4) Waste-free lunch CHAMPIONS: All of Sistema’s practical containers are super reusable options for packing a waste-free lunch—and these guys in particular knock the ball out of the park. The Lunch Cube Max and the Lunch Tub to Go are self-contained, compact containers with multiple compartments that allow you to pack up just the right portion of whatever you’re feeling for lunch today—and the Lunch Cube even comes with a reusable yogurt pot so you’ll never have to turn to wasteful, single-use cups again. Then, while it’s great for all kinds of noms, the Chill It to Go is, especially, the salad superstar of the waste-free lunch world. The included, removable, refreezable ice pack settles right into the container so you’ll be able to keep your leafy greens crisp and cool throughout the day. The set also includes a dressing pot and utensils, all of which fit perfectly into place inside the container.




Over the past half century, our understanding of portion size has completely and totally shifted. According to the CDC, the average restaurant meal is more than four times larger today than it was in 1950. For example, a standard restaurant hamburger in the 1950s was 3.9 ounces—today, it is 12 ounces. As you try to stay healthy and keep your portion sizes reasonable, remember that mainstream culture and media are continually feeding you the same oversized message—that bigger is better. But, staying mindful and practicing just a few good habits will keep you on track. When eating out, choose to share an entrée with a friend, or bring along your waste-free containers and pack away half of your plate as soon as it comes to the table—that way you’ll avoid the post-meal regret! Understanding and practicing portion control is an incredibly effective natural weight loss method. By limiting your portion size, you’ll also be limiting your calorie intake—bringing your life into nutritional balance. And, you know what’s better? By choosing to control your portions, you’ll also only pack exactly what you’re going to eat—which will significantly decrease the amount of food that gets left over, goes bad and is then thrown away. That way, you’ll also be helping cut back on the nearly 1.3 billion tons of food that is wasted worldwide every year! Find more portion friendly containers here --->