Thanksgiving is all about the food, the dishes you eat around the table with family and friends, but also the leftovers. Most of us want to preserve the holiday for as long as possible, and snack on all those delicious Thanksgiving Dinner staples all week long—but doing so without using yards and yards of disposable plastic wrap or aluminum foil can be a challenge.


One of the Most Recycled Materials, Aluminum Waste Is Still a Big Problem

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, more than 50,000 12-oz. aluminum cans will have been made. Out of that and all the other aluminum produced in a year, 2.7 million tons will be discarded after just one use—primarily beverage cans, packaging containers and aluminum foil.


Aluminum Foil Is Easy to Recycle in Theory, but Difficult in Practice

Although aluminum is 100% recyclable, used aluminum foil isn’t often accepted by recycling centers. Some centers will accept foil only if it has been thoroughly cleaned and poses no threat of contamination to the aluminum recycling stream. Plus, curbside recycling programs aren’t always equipped to process foil.


Replacing Aluminum Foil with a Reusable Alternative Is an Easy Solution

Aluminum foil is a convenient way to keep food covered, protected and warm while you’re waiting to eat and even after. Its usefulness really can’t be denied—but the waste it creates can! By switching to a reusable food wrap, like these Abeego Flats or the Talisman Pie and Pot Pie Protectors, you can still enjoy fresher leftovers, warm baked goods and keep food covered and protected.


Replace Aluminum Foil with Abeego FlatsAll-Natural Abeego Flats Are Coated with Moldable Beeswax

Made from a blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil-infused cotton and hemp fabric, Abeego Flats are a brilliant, all-natural alternative to wasteful disposable aluminum foil. The material molds easily to any shape or size of container or food item with some light pressure and the heat of your hand, and will stiffen in place when cooled—perfect for accommodating any and all Thanksgiving leftovers! Best of all, they’re compostable at the end of their life. Check out more reusable food storage options and produce savers.

 Replace Aluminum Foil with Adjustable Pie Crust Shields from Talisman Designs

This Silicone, Adjustable Pie Crust Shield Helps Bake the Perfect Pie Crust without Tin Foil

Made of versatile silicone, these 8- and 10-inch pie crust shields from Talisman Designs help you achieve the perfect pumpkin pie to showcase on your Thanksgiving table. Silicone is an incredible, heat- and cold-resistant substance that can go from freezer to oven with ease and elegance—making it the perfect material for covering pie crust to prevent burning. Be sure to explore more innovative, eco-friendly food prep and produce-saving ideas, or check out our Pinterest for more sustainable Thanksgiving solutions.


Enjoy all your favorite Thanksgiving treats and turkey leftovers, and give thanks—for your family and friends and the delicious meal you share together, but also for your one and only home: the planet. Bon appétit and Happy Holidays!