There’s so much to love about summer—it’s just the best! Here at reuseit, we’ve been soaking in our summer favorites, from spending lots of time at the beach to going to baseball games and summer concerts—and, of course, hitting up our local farmers market every Saturday. The produce is just starting to really burst here in Virginia, and we just love seeing how the selection changes from week to week, from late spring fresh greens and herbs to the best of summer’s fruits and veggies—but don’t forget the delicious local honey, cheeses, baked and canned goods! Buying local is such an important part of a sustainable, truly eco-friendly lifestyle—and it helps give a boost to your local economy too. And, of course, when it’s time to explore all the treasures at the farmers market, we’re always sure to bring along some of our favorite reusables to stay waste-free and to save the farmers from having to supply us with a container, too. Here are some of our must-haves:




• Hands down, our favorite is the Collapsible Market Basket. The open design and loop handle makes it super easy to carry and load up with all your favorite veggies—it’s especially good for holding big leafy greens and corn, too. It’s lightweight, but sturdy, which makes it a practical, easy-to-use alternative to the plastic bags usually handed out at farmers markets.




• Our reuseit Insulated EarthTote Shopping Bag is especially designed to keep what’s inside at an optimal temperature to preserve freshness, which makes it great for milk, cheese and eggs, as well as other delicate produce you’d like to keep cool. Plus, it’s sturdily constructed of heavy-duty materials with secure carrying handles and a zip-top closure.




• We also really love to bring along a couple Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks to the farmers market. Available in three different sizes, you can stash all kinds of different vegetables (and fruits, too!) inside, then keep them there once you’re at home, too. Each protects the produce inside from light, keeping things fresher longer—and the convenient double drawstring makes everything inside easy to access. They're machine washable, too!


food waste sacks



• And, for those special little treats from your local baker, we love the Best Fresh Reusable Bread Bag. With an airtight hook-and-loop closure and BPA-free, food-safe plastic liner, it’s guaranteed to keeps breads, pastries and other baked goods fresher longer. It’s a wonderful way to cut out yet another plastic bag. Discover even more of our favorite Farmers Market Essentials >