The Waste of Leftover Halloween Candy
Now that Halloween has come and gone, you’ve probably discovered that you or your family have made away with quite the Halloween candy haul. But whether or not you’ve already devoured the majority of, the question is what to do with all those leftover candy wrappers.


According to the U.S. Census, Americans consumed 23.8 pounds of candy per capita in 2008, and the International Cocoa Organization also reported that Americans consumed approximately 11.2 pounds of chocolate per capita that same year. But all those “fun size” candy bars and individually wrapped treats can add up to a lot of waste.


Unfortunately, due to the mix of materials—generally aluminum, plastic and paper—used in producing candy wrappers, they are not easily recyclable. The volume of candy wrappers entering the waste stream is not as high as that of many other common recyclables (like paper, aluminum cans and plastic water bottles), and most waste management organizations have not found it financially viable to invest in the resources to collect and transport candy wrappers.


So What Can YOU Do to Keep Candy Wrappers out of the Landfill?


Recycle Candy Wrappers with TerraCycle®
The Candy Wrapper Brigade® at TerraCycle® offers a convenient candy wrapper recycling program that allows you to collect 9 lbs. of candy wrappers and ship them to TerraCycle for recycling, free of charge. Generating nine pounds of candy wrappers sounds like a chocaholic’s dream come true, but for the rest of us it’s probably easier to team up and set up a TerraCycle collection location to redeem your collection points. Each approved candy wrapper received = 2 TerraCycle points = $0.02 payment donated to your designated school or nonprofit organization. Sounds like a win to us.


Upcycled Candy Wrapper Crafts
Another great option is to upcycle your candy waste into some cool candy wrapper crafts. Below are just a few ideas to get you started:


Candy wrapper bracelets
Starburst Bracelet

Image: Seattle Examiner


Candy wrapper wallets
Skittles Wallet

Image: Earth911


Candy wrapper purses
Candy Wrapper Purse

Image: Candy Wrapper Crafts


Candy wrapper barrettes/hair clips
Candy wrapper barrettes

Image: Earth911


Leave a comment below if you have any other recycling tips or innovative ideas for upcycling candy wrappers!