The Nellie’s All Natural brand was inspired by, perhaps not surprisingly, a woman named Nellie. She’s the gal in the green dress whose smiling (illustrated) face you’ll see adorning each Nellie’s box, bag, and bottle.

Yes, she was a real life person, and she had a passion for a cleaner, greener, toxin-free way of life. Which leads us to another fact that should elicit very little surprise, Nellie and the crew here at Reuseit have some things in common. We are really into words like “biodegradable”, and “hypoallergenic”, as well as “all-natural”. But these are more than just words; both Reuseit and Nellie’s ensure these statements become actions, which we take to make our products safe and healthy for your home. 

Along with our newest arrivals, come three new Nellie’s products that undoubtedly take action on giving your home a greener kind of clean.


Nellie's All Natural Lamby Wool Scented Dryerball

Did you know that dryer sheets, while great for the smell and reduced static of your clothing, are really bad for you? As outlined in the article (which does not mince words in it’s title alone), Warning: many dryer sheets contain cancer causing chemicals on, those materials that make your clothing smell and feel so lovely are really chemicals that are transferring from your clothes to your skin. Nellie’s scented dryer balls are a toxin-, chemical-free way to give your laundry a naturally fresh scent.

Nellie's All Natural WOW Stick Natural Stain Remover

Another way to avoid toxic chemicals in common household laundry supplies is with an all-natural stain removing solution. Add elbow grease to the Nellie’s stain removing stick and you have a healthy, non-toxic solution to removing stains from your clothes.

Nellie's All Natural One and Only One Soap

If you’re looking for your one and only, look no further than Nellie’s All Natural One and Only One Soap. You’ll falling head over heals in love with it’s variety of fresh fragrances (or fragrance free option!), as well as its supreme versatility. From dishes to dogs, this color-free, SLS, SLES and toxin-free formula effortlessly strips away food residue, dirt and grime for a green clean. Anywhere you need suds, Nellie is there to help. (Tip: DON’T take this one to the laundry room, there are other options for that.)

We don’t know about you, but we are thankful to Nellie for her dedication to green living that inspired this line of fragrant and healthy cleaning products. Shop our latest Nellie’s products and even more of her collection below for a less toxic, more natural clean.