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Let’s face it, you can’t beat the convenience of a use and toss plastic bag. Even we’ll say it!  But as much as we are all willing to admit that, we all also know that that convenience comes with a price—it costs damage to our environment. So, here at Reuseit, we went to the drawing board with a question: can we have both? Can we have use and toss convenience and a safe, healthy, and clean environment without plastic waste? Turns out, the answer is yes!

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The Nellie’s All Natural brand was inspired by, perhaps not surprisingly, a woman named Nellie. She’s the gal in the green dress whose smiling (illustrated) face you’ll see adorning each Nellie’s box, bag, and bottle. Yes, she was a real life person, and she had a passion for a cleaner, greener, toxin-free way of life. Which leads us to another fact that should elicit very little surprise, Nellie and the crew here at Reuseit have some things in common. We are really into words like “biodegradable”, and “hypoallergenic”, as well as “all-natural”. But these are more than just words; both Reuseit and Nellie’s ensure these statements become actions, which we take to make our products safe and healthy for your home. 

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With our latest batch of new arrivals, we are welcoming a hydration-solution that is particularly close to our hearts (and our taste buds). Say hello to a super flavorful new favorite, the Ashland Infuser Bottle by Contigo. Already a staple on desks around the RUI office and in work and gym bags alike, we have been dying to share it with you!Read More
7/29/2016 4:36 PM By Jesse Eco Tips Healthy Living and Home

It’s finally June, and if the official onset of summer isn't enough of a reason to celebrate, June is also National Rivers Month! It arrives in conjunction with the time of the year when the value of clean waterways moves to the forefront of our minds.

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6/10/2016 1:39 PM By Jesse Eco Tips Sustainable Living
Pantry Perfection

We’ve all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but what’s the heart of the kitchen? Around here we believe it’s the pantry. And the fridge—which is really just a cold pantry, right? A happy and healthy kitchen is built on an organized and efficient foundation. Organizing your food storage areas not only benefits you—the quick cook, perfect lunch packer, speedy breakfast maker, and more—but it’s particularly integral to making the heart of your home a waste-free zone.


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5/25/2016 6:53 PM By Jesse Eco Tips

Wondering how to make compost?

Or are you a seasoned composting veteran, who’s looking to make the most of your compost? We’ve got a heap of information, tips and tricks that can benefit a beginning composter or advanced. If you’re already composting we don’t need to sell you on the benefits. You’ll be feeding your plants fresh, natural ingredients—a multivitamin of sorts—that will allow them to grow strong and healthy. And you’ll be contributing to the circle of life.

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5/3/2016 7:06 PM By Sarah Eco Tips Healthy Living and Home
In a PSA launched Wednesday by the Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council, a message is sent to Americans about reducing food waste with a uniquely emotional appeal. The two-minute film documents the life cycle of a strawberry from farm to refrigerator, yet sadly, never to the table and is a part of their print and web campaign, "Save the Food".Read More
4/22/2016 12:36 PM By Jesse Eco Tips In the Press Sustainable Living

From sea to shining sea, plastic is clogging the lifeblood of America’s rivers.

Endangered those exist? YES, the scourge of plastic pollution on our planet’s oceans is well known, and much has been written about the Texas-sized Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean.Read More
4/14/2016 12:52 PM By Sarah Eco Tips
We’re a little embarrassed to admit it—but with school out of session, we’ve gotten used to everyone eating at home.Read More
7/30/2015 10:42 AM By Sarah Eco Tips Sustainable Living

Why have a waste-free lunch? You’ll find all kinds of information below to inform and educate you about the overwhelming number of single-use items that make their way into landfills every day, week, month and year—all to inspire you and your family to pack a school lunch (or work lunch) that's free of eco-trashing disposables. An important (and money-saving!) part of a sustainable lifestyle, a healthy lunch packed and stored in reusables is an easy, mindful way to cut your contribution to waste.

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7/2/2015 1:03 PM By Sarah Eco Tips
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