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  • Americans throw away about 82% of the 42.6 billion plastic water bottles purchased every year.
  • Tap water is cleaner, cheaper, smarter and healthier than store-bought, bottled water.
  • It is unknown exactly how much plastic waste is in the oceans, but estimates range close to 100 million tons.
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6/30/2015 2:48 PM By Sarah Eco Tips
Which plastic numbers are safe? As research continues to develop and we begin to become more fully aware of the risks of plastics, understanding the difference between types of plastics is essential when choosing items for your family and home. We have a vast selection of safe plastic food containers and Read More
6/27/2015 2:57 PM By Sarah Eco Tips Product Materials & Info

Plastic pollution suffocates our oceans and smothers our beaches—this article provides a clear overview with facts and figures to illustrate just how harmful plastic litter and debris can be. Read on to learn more about the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

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6/26/2015 3:18 PM By Sarah Eco Tips
  • Every minute, about 2 million plastic bags are used around the world (Earth Policy Institute).
  • Globally, over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year—but this number may not, in fact, accurately capture the full magnitude of the pandemic (Earth Policy Institute). Consider China, a country of 1.3 billion, which consumes 3 billion plastic bags daily, according to China Trade News.
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5/27/2015 3:22 PM By Sarah Eco Tips

The Waste of Leftover Halloween Candy
Now that Halloween has come and gone, you’ve probably discovered that you or your family have made away with quite the Halloween candy haul. But whether or not you’ve already devoured the majority of, the question is what to do with all those leftover candy wrappers.

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11/7/2014 3:59 PM By Brynne Eco Tips
When I first started at this company, about a year and a half ago, one of my first responsibilities was to answer our customer's product questions. It's smart training - we have over 700 reusables and answering upwards of 50 questions about them per day is the best way to learn about each and every one of them.Read More
4/4/2014 4:05 PM By Sarah Eco Tips How To's
Thanksgiving is all about the food, the dishes you eat around the table with family and friends, but also the leftovers. Most of us want to preserve the holiday for as long as possible, and snack on all those delicious Thanksgiving Dinner staples all week long—but doing so without using yards and yards of disposable plastic wrap or aluminum foil can be a challenge.Read More
10/13/2013 4:33 PM By Brynne Eco Tips Healthy Living and Home
Since we narrowly avoided the end of the world (whew!), today's guest post is incredibly timely! We're happy to welcome a piece from reuseit fan Jeanie Barcus with some great ideas for reusing your outdated calendars. Jeanie is a writer and stay at home mom.Read More
4/4/2013 2:56 PM By Sarah Eco Tips
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