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Looking for 4 New Year's Resolutions to Reduce Waste? You've come to the right place! According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, 25% of Americans can’t maintain a New Year’s resolution through the first week of the New Year. #yikes But have no fear, this year we’re committed (VERY committed) to sticking to our top 4 New Year’s resolutions to reduce waste in 2016. We’re here to help you make a “green” change and stick to it.

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12/11/2015 2:38 PM By Sarah Guides How To's Sustainable Living
Instead of making a Starbuck’s run or stocking up on Pumpkin Spice K-Cups, try this delectable Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe at home. You’ll save at least $4 + gas money, and avoid generating waste from paper to-go cups, cardboard sleeves, plastic stirrers and ultra-wasteful K-Cups. Plus, you can make the milk/pumpkin mixture ahead of time, pop it in the fridge in a reusable container and have it on hand for a quick latte in the morning!Read More
9/25/2015 4:30 PM By Sarah How To's Sustainable Living

Want to know how to reduce food waste? Cutting down the amount of food you and your family throw away is an important part of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Approximately 40% of the food created, processed and sold in the US is wasted, ending up in landfills where it will release methane—a greenhouse gas 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide—as it decomposes.

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7/16/2015 12:49 PM By Sarah How To's Sustainable Living
Packing a waste-free lunch is easy! By changing your routine in just a few simple ways, you'll be able to eliminate single-use waste from lunchtime forever. To help you make the switch, we collected some of our favorites to show you just how simple—not to mention practical and stylish—a zero-waste lunch can be. Read on to discover our 5 steps to a waste-free lunch.Read More
7/14/2015 12:47 PM By Sarah How To's Sustainable Living
There’s so much to love about summer—it’s just the best! Here at reuseit, we’ve been soaking in our summer favorites, from spending lots of time at the beach to going to baseball games and summer concerts—and, of course, hitting up our local farmers market every Saturday.Read More
7/14/2015 11:10 AM By Sarah Guides How To's Sustainable Living

Clutter does not just take up space in our closets but deflates our confidence in keeping our lives organized.  I say take charge and let’s reclaim our space!

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4/28/2015 1:18 PM By Kristina Healthy Living and Home Guides How To's

Here are few ideas to create your very own DIY planter boxes and containers using what you probably already have in your home. Rather than recycling a soda bottle or two, or taking a used pair of shoes to your local thrift store, grab some dirt and some seeds and fill 'em on up!

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2/25/2015 2:06 PM By Mary Shea How To's

Author Bio: Cheryl B. is a freelance writer and activist who loves finding simple ways her family in Michigan can be smart about their waste. She has also researched which car insurance companies are the most environmentally friendly.

Gift giving is big business in the U.S. and requires tons of paper gift wrap annually.

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12/22/2014 1:28 PM By Sarah How To's
When I first started at this company, about a year and a half ago, one of my first responsibilities was to answer our customer's product questions. It's smart training - we have over 700 reusables and answering upwards of 50 questions about them per day is the best way to learn about each and every one of them.Read More
4/4/2014 4:05 PM By Sarah Eco Tips How To's
Don't get me wrong, I love the Fair Trade organic coffee we buy in bulk and grind fresh daily in the office kitchen. In fact, I am not ready to start my day at Reuseit without it. But once a week—usually Wednesday or Thursday when I start to run out of steam—I head to Starbucks for a pick-me-up.Read More
1/30/2014 11:51 AM By Sarah How To's
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