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Let’s face it, you can’t beat the convenience of a use and toss plastic bag. Even we’ll say it!  But as much as we are all willing to admit that, we all also know that that convenience comes with a price—it costs damage to our environment. So, here at Reuseit, we went to the drawing board with a question: can we have both? Can we have use and toss convenience and a safe, healthy, and clean environment without plastic waste? Turns out, the answer is yes!

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The Nellie’s All Natural brand was inspired by, perhaps not surprisingly, a woman named Nellie. She’s the gal in the green dress whose smiling (illustrated) face you’ll see adorning each Nellie’s box, bag, and bottle. Yes, she was a real life person, and she had a passion for a cleaner, greener, toxin-free way of life. Which leads us to another fact that should elicit very little surprise, Nellie and the crew here at Reuseit have some things in common. We are really into words like “biodegradable”, and “hypoallergenic”, as well as “all-natural”. But these are more than just words; both Reuseit and Nellie’s ensure these statements become actions, which we take to make our products safe and healthy for your home. 

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If there were only one back-to-school supply you had to have this year, we’d tell you to pick this one. Meet the Platinum Silicone Reusable Sandwich Bag from Stasher. It’s the first and only self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag in the world, and it’s here to help save the world.

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8/15/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Sustainable Living Product Materials & Info

Hello! And welcome to the new & improved!

Yes, yes, we have had some work done, but it looks really natural we think. A subtle tweak here, a little twist there and we’ve got a modern new makeover. We’ve traded in clutter for clean lines, straightened up our “shelves” so-to-speak, and put you in the forefront of our mind when thinking about presenting the “new us”.

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7/14/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Product Materials & Info

So what’s so awesome about baking with silicone? Some of us on the Reuseit team are longtime bakers and we were wondering if silicone bakeware could turn us away from our favorite heavy, metal bakeware we so dearly loved. After doing some research, we were convinced that silicone WAS the best option for the environment. We hope this post will also make you “silicone believers” too. But first we’d like to sing our praises of silicone. Highly durable, silicone doesn’t contain the estrogen-like chemicals found in plastic making it the safest option on the market. According to Eco LunchBox™, silicone resists oxidative deterioration (normal aging) for decades. Studies have actually shown that silicone thrives on outside elements, including exposure to extreme heat or cold, salt spray, U-V radiation and more. 

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2/26/2016 2:13 PM By Sarah Sustainable Living Product Materials & Info
Want to find the perfect reusable bottle for you so you can kick your disposable bottled water habit? Glass water bottles are a sleek, sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. In fact, they can be the most eco-friendly (and the most user-friendly) reusable option to sate your thirst! If you’re wondering how to select the best glass water bottle for you, your family and friends, read on to discover some of the best features glass has to offer.Read More
Which plastic numbers are safe? As research continues to develop and we begin to become more fully aware of the risks of plastics, understanding the difference between types of plastics is essential when choosing items for your family and home. We have a vast selection of safe plastic food containers and Read More
6/27/2015 2:57 PM By Sarah Eco Tips Product Materials & Info

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: "Along with the reusable water bottle and the swirly compact fluorescent lightbulb, the reusable bag has become an emblem of the environmental movement. As such, it will no doubt be a major giveaway at Earth Day events across the nation."

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4/13/2014 10:14 AM By Sarah Sustainable Living Product Materials & Info
According to the Sierra Club, most families spend $85 a year on plastic baggies. As convenient as they are—and we’ve all used them—that’s basically like scattering 85 singles into the wind. A reusable snack bag, on the other hand has the potential to replace an average of 1,000 disposable plastic bags over its lifetime—saving water, petroleum and natural gas, and reducing exposure to toxins.Read More
4/5/2014 1:51 PM By Brynne Product Materials & Info

If you’re anything like me, you can go into a sheer frenzy over “sales” and “low prices." Who doesn’t like a bargain? Unfortunately, I believe that our understanding of the true cost of a product has been skewed. Often, products are manufactured abroad, with low wages and low labor standards.

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2/19/2014 4:14 PM By Monica Product Materials & Info
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