In a PSA launched Wednesday by the Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council, a message is sent to Americans about reducing food waste with a uniquely emotional appeal. The two-minute film documents the life cycle of a strawberry from farm to refrigerator, yet sadly, never to the table and is a part of their print and web campaign, "Save the Food". A huge contributor to the nearly 40% of food that goes uneaten in the US every year, farm-to-trashcan foods are a nearly criminal result of a behavior many have grown desensitized to. We shake our heads saying, “what a waste” as we toss foods that have gone forgotten into the garbage can. And while most are thinking “what a waste of money” it’s a waste of so much more. The video vividly brings to life the truth behind what we are tossing out; as it sums up in the last 15 seconds, “Wasting food wastes everything. Water, labor, fuel, money, love.”

You never thought a strawberry could pull at your heartstrings, right? Not only is it an unfortunate fate for food, but a gross misallocation of our natural resources. As global leaders in agricultural production, our ability—like all other types of power—comes with great responsibility. And each person taking small, responsible steps is what changes the nations actions as a whole. As a first step you have the option to support the Food Recovery Act by signing the petition below. The petition supports improving tax breaks for food donations, reforming procurement policies at schools and institutions, and educating the public about this important issue.

Additionally, we can all do our part by making a conscious effort to reduce waste and make the most of our food at home. Storing produce items in proper containers can extend their life in the fridge. Berry baskets, storage bags, herb keepers and other produce keepers ensure your fresh food’s life span is as long as possible. The longer you can keep it, the more time you have to eat it, and food waste can be eliminated, one bite at a time. Here's a few of our favorite ways you can make your food last:  

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