Getting back to school, work, and the rest of you busy life is easy with the right reusable supplies!

If there were only one back-to-school supply you had to have this year, we’d tell you to pick this one. Meet the Platinum Silicone Reusable Sandwich Bag from Stasher. It’s the first and only self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag in the world, and it’s here to help save the world.

According to Stasher, approximately 20 million plastic bags go into U.S. landfills per day! However, with a reusable bag that has the features, functionality and everyday-usability like this one, you can be part of drastically reducing that number. Not only is this platinum silicone bag better for people and the planet, but it’s honestly way handier than any traditional plastic bag.

First and foremost, Stasher bag’s airtight seal keeps food super fresh, while their silicone construction makes them extra durable. You can pack up an entire lunch using only stasher bags for a balanced & complete, waste-free meal. Fill them with veggies, snack foods, salads, sandwiches and much more!

The packing doesn’t end there however. You’ll find yourself filling Stasher with more than just food, and putting it in many more places than just a lunch box. Make a mini first-aid kit, pack a travel bag, store supplies like markers, pens, erasers and pencils, or even throw in your beach bag. You’ll find endless things to store, stash, and save in these amazing little bags.

Incase they weren’t useful enough already, platinum silicone provides them with one more endearing quality, they are dishwasher safe. From pudding to play-dough, store what you want without any worry about cleaning up after.

You probably thought we were done? But, there are a few more things we should mention! Stasher bags are practical even when you’re not on the go, as they have a few handy uses in the kitchen too. The first being storage of course; they are perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge or even the freezer. Then when you’re ready to reheat & eat, simply transfer your bags from fridge or freezer directly into the microwave. The microwavable bags are perfect for reheating, as well as cooking-up quick, steam fresh meals. The airtight seal also makes them ideal for sous-vide cooking and boiling on your stovetop, letting you prepare gourmet meals at home effortlessly.

Now we are done, but you don’t have to be! Shop our collection of Stasher reusable bags and see for yourself all the things you can find to stash inside.