With our latest batch of new arrivals, we are welcoming a hydration-solution that is particularly close to our hearts (and our taste buds). Say hello to a super flavorful new favorite, the Ashland Infuser Bottle by Contigo. Already a staple on desks around the RUI office and in work and gym bags alike, we have been dying to share it with you!

Loaded with fancy features like single-handed use, a hands-free carrying clip and locking spout, it’s a perfect partner for commute or an outdoor adventure.

Functional and available in two cheery colors, it’s easy to see why this bottle is a great everyday pick from your cabinet. But when you taste the infused flavors you’ll truly never want to carry another bottle again. Plus, with endless customizable options, you can have a different flavor everyday. Here are a few delicious combinations to get you started:

1. Classic Lemon Lime: Simple & classic, just add wedges or slices of lemon & lime.

2. Sour Melon Twist: Combine the sweet taste of watermelon with a hint of sour lime (and add a pinch of salt for extra kick!)

3. Basil Berry: Summer ripe strawberries and fresh basil make a perfect pair. 

4. Bold Berry Blend: Frozen or fresh, a blend of raspberries, black berries, strawberries, and blueberries is sure to please.

5. Garden Fresh: When you need something extra refreshing, use cucumber slices and muddled mint.

6. Monday Morning’s Mojito: Like a mojito, but more suitable to drink during the workday; make it with muddled mint and sliced lime.

7. Everyday Rosé: Make this fresh and slightly pink drink with a sprig of rosemary & pink grapefruit.

8. Peachy Paradise: Vacation in a bottle, and extra hydration too; add peaches, blueberries and coconut water.

9. Kiwi Cooler: For a very tropical twist, try kiwi and mango.

10. Powered-Up Pineapple: For fruit lovers who want an extra kick, mix pineapple chunks & 1 sliver of ginger.