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Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge
Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge

Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge 1018625

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Full Circle Laid Back Cleaning Brush and Sponge

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Doing dishes can be dirty work, and over time, you'll throw away dozens of worn-out cleaning brushes. Full Circle's Laid Back replaceable head dish brush helps you save money and resources - the head of the brush is the only waste that you throw out! Plus, the entire brush is biodegradable at the end of its life. The recycled plastic brush bristles thoroughly tackle tough-to-clean messes.
  • 100% biodegradable, replaceable head helps cut back on waste
  • Bamboo handle coated with natural oils to withstand water
  • Arched handle allows for easy use, keeps bristles off counter
  • Bristles made of recycled material
More Product Details
1.77" W x 11.02 " H 1.89" D
3.54 oz.

Bamboo handle, Bontera™ plastic and recycled bristle head

Bamboo is an organic, beautiful & earth-friendly material known for its fast growth cycle and natural strength. Highly adaptable, bamboo can grow almost anywhere and generates more oxygen than other trees. Unlike conventional cotton, bamboo requires no fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals to grow.
Bontera (TM) plastic looks and feels like plastic but is made from the cellulose and starch in plants. It's dishwasher safe, long-lasting and doesn't require petroleum to produce.

Instead of throwing away entire cleaning brushes at the end of their life, you can toss out just the head. Plus, the entire brush is biodegradable, lessening the long-term environmental impact.

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Care Instructions
Bamboo is not dishwasher safe and should dry between uses. For best results coat bamboo with natural oils at least once a year. Plant fiber bristles naturally darken after soaking. Replaceable brush heads are dishwasher safe

Works great with Full Circle Laid Back Bristle Brush heads as well.

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in China.

Full Circle Name & Product Number
  • Laid Back Dish Brush (FC09100)
  • Laid Back Dish Sponge (FC09101) - discontinued
4.2 (based on 5 customer reviews)
By Gerald H
6/1/2012 10:56:00 AM
4.0 Very happy.

Comments about Product:

We are very happy to have found the brush. It does a good job with the dishes, and with the replaceable heads it will last for years. Part of the brush is bright orange, which does not suit every decor.
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By Joyce S
1/4/2012 8:55:00 AM
2.0 Handle Breaks

Comments about Product:

I first ordered this brush handle and extra brushes. The handle broke after a few months (the laminated handle spontaneously delaminated). I order another brush in hope that the first failure was a fluke.
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By Sarah N
1/17/2011 5:50:00 PM
5.0 works great and looks nice!

Comments about Product:

This sponge works great and looks nice, too, which is awesome. I like how it stands up on the sink and it is easy to pump the soap into the sponge without it always being in there/leaking everywhere. The only thing is that water sometimes leaks on my counter where I have it standing.
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By Kara E
10/22/2010 9:07:00 AM
5.0 Works good. :)

Comments about Product:

This is a nice scrub brush. The handle feels very nice in the hand and the bristles scrub well. It is bigger than I expected, so I don't use it in the kitchen as much as I thought I would, but it's great for scrubbing crevices and such around the home. The replaceable head is easy to remove and reattach as well. I recommenced this product.
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By Amanda B
9/22/2010 8:28:00 AM
5.0 great brush!

Comments about Product:

This is a great brush! The bristles are good quality and it cleans great. The handle is strong, and the shape is great(it sits nice on the counter) I even ran it through the dishwasher once to sanatize it, and it came out great! The refills attach easy and secure. The brush seems like it will last a while, so it is very ecomonical(only $3.95 for two refills!).
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