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Goodbye Detergent Multi-Purpose Outdoor Scouring Pads, Soft, Hard or Heavy-Duty
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Goodbye Detergent Multi-Purpose Outdoor Scouring Pads, Soft, Hard or Heavy-Duty 

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Goodbye Detergent Multi-Purpose Outdoor Scouring Pads, Soft, Hard or Heavy-Duty
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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Durable - each pad lasts up to 4-6 months
  • Fast-drying - no mold, smell, or rust
  • Comes in soft, hard, and heavy-duty to suit any outdoor cleaning need
  • Natural abrasives - reduces the need for soaps
  • Made from recycled, all-natural ingredients
  • Dishwasher safe

Goodbye Detergent Outdoor Scouring Pads are tough and durable enough to tackle messes on patios, BBQ grills, or garden stones. Made with materials that are gentle on the environment, like walnut shells, magnesia and alumina. Each one dries quickly to avoid smell or mildew buildup and works well without soap. Reduces the need for wasteful detergents and other cleaners. Made in Japan.

The soft pad is suitable for general cleaning, removing minor stains on exterior walls, furniture, wooden decks, and flower pots. The hard outdoor pad is great for removing stains on tile and removing moss and mold from stone. The heavy-duty pad is for removing stains on BBQ grills, concrete and brick, and even works as a tool to remove a topcoat of paint.
More Product Details
5.25" x 1.5" x 2"

Soft pad made with walnut shells. Hard pad made with natural magnesia. Heavy-duty pad made with natural alumina. All packaging is made from recycled paper.

Each pad is made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. Additionally, they're so durable and strong that each pad will save on cheaper scrubbers that would wear out, and is designed to work without detergents, which often contain harmful chemicals.

About Goodbye Detergent
Goodbye Detergent is the award-winning line of environmentally friendly cleaning scrubs for your home, made with natural materials like recycled corn cobs, peach pits and plastic bottles. Designed by industrial designer Hiroki Hayashi, these scrubs are unique, long-lasting, and will change the way you clean.

Care Instructions
Top rack dishwasher safe. Do not store in direct sunlight. Uses a natural abrasive which may leave fine scratches if rubbed too hard.

  • Works without detergent, but you may use a dab of soap for tough jobs.

  • Country of Origin
    Made in Japan

    Product Name & Number
    • Outdoor Scouring Pad, Hard, 1 pc (GBD501)
    • Outdoor Scouring Pad, Heavy-duty, 1 pc (GBD502)
    • Outdoor Scouring Pad, Soft, 1 pc (GBD500)
4.4 (based on 5 customer reviews)
By Linda D
6/12/2012 10:45:00 AM
2.0 abrasiveness wore off quickly

Comments about Product:

I wouldn't buy these again. They were great for the first three uses, then they were completely worn out.
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By Elizabeth B. B
6/2/2012 12:41:00 PM
5.0 scouring pads and sponges

Comments about Product:

I am totally impressed with the "Goodbye Detergent Multi-Purpose Outdoor Scouring Pads, Soft, Hard and Heavy-Duty" as well as with the "Full Circle Walnut Scrubber Sponges". These products work better than any other scrubber/sponge type products that I have ever purchased. The scrubbers cut through dirt and grime and food deposits on pots so fast and with so little effort on my part,it is hard to believe that no detergent is necessary when using them. They are easily rinsed out and ready to go on to the next project in no time. All in all these were definately my "best buys" with regard to reuseablility, ease and efficiency of use, and I love that they are "green" products. I highly recommend them
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By Paula C
3/22/2012 7:29:00 AM
5.0 great find

Comments about Product:

works well, rinses clean, happy idea
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By Paula C
11/6/2011 9:29:00 AM
5.0 fabulous product

Comments about Product:

These do hard labor very easily, and rinse out completely, which I love. Usually sponges or brushes get cruddy, fast, but these pads (I bought soft and hard) rinsed out to be like new. Did a nice job on the moss growing on the fence, unfinished steps, terra cotta pots.
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By Elizabeth G
4/3/2011 3:47:00 PM
5.0 Another fabulous idea!

Comments about Product:

These "scouring pads" are great - they work on my George Forman grill, cast iron skillet, nonstick pans, etc. I will definitely be using these from now on. Another great idea that I've found at Reusit!
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