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Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands
Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands

Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands 1019725

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Loose Leaf Tea Straw by Wisdom Wands

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  • Replaces traditional tea bags
  • Allows tea to steep to full flavor
  • Hand-blown glass
  • BPA-free
  • Reusable, saving hundreds of tea bags over its lifetime
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Made in the USA with Fair Wage and Labor

We discovered this brilliant, totally unique approach to brewing a single cup of tea. Helps you cut back on disposable cups, stirrers, sleeves and tea bags. Pays for itself after only 10 uses! Durable, hand-blown, non-toxic glass. Made in USA.

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More Product Details
Container: 10" height, 1.25 diameter
Straw: 8.5" tall

Design and Functionality
With Wisdom Wand’s tea infuser straw, you can replace wasteful disposable tea bags. It brews and filters tea leaves, herbs, and infusions through specially designed strainer holes. The hand blown glass straw is easy to clean and allow tea to steep to full flavor. High-quality construction means it will replace hundreds of tea bags from landfills over its lifetime.

To brew a cup of tea, just place 1-2 teaspoons of your favorite loose-leaf tea in a mug, fill it with hot water then drink through the straw. The round strainer at the bottom of the straw ensures the perfect cup of tea every time.

When you're done making your tea, just rinse the straw.

Straw made of hand-blown glass. Biodegradable container made of peanut shells.

Wisdom Wands reusable tea infuser straws keep hundreds of disposable tea bags out of landfills - and save money, too. They're extremely durable, so you can use them over and over again.

Learn more about Wisdom Wands

Care Instructions
To clean, rinse with warm water and soap

  • Save more than just the disposable tea bags - by buying loose tea leaves, you'll save money and only have to use as much as you need.
  • Hang on to the packaging! It has a compartment to store/carry loose tea.

Country of Origin
Made in the USA.
4.6 (based on 7 customer reviews)
By Lucinda T
1/28/2012 11:30:00 PM
4.0 fun to use

Comments about Product:

I did have one come broken but got one just fine after that. It is fun to use, people always stop and ask questions about what it is and where i got it. I would not let a small child use it as it is glass
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By Alice K J
7/22/2011 5:26:00 AM

Comments about Product:

Very interesting product. Works like a charm. I am very pleased.
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By Jean S
6/24/2010 8:31:00 AM
4.0 Love it.

Comments about Product:

Not great for yerba mate as I found out. It is great for loose-leaf tea, but I do not like that the filter end and the straw is one piece. This makes it difficult to sanitize completely. If any tea gets stuck in the filter, I used a thin needle or safety pin to coax it out. Overall, a good idea, but I like the coffee straw better, and usually drink my teas with that one.
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By Mary B
5/11/2010 5:32:00 PM
5.0 A Sweet Sip

Comments about Product:

I love to drink all kinds of tea especially loose leaf. My favorite is jasmine green pearles that unfold in the water. I add organic honey and sit it all through my wonderful tea straw! Just bought another for my daughter, also a tea fan.
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By Michael W
3/30/2010 2:33:00 PM
5.0 great gift idea

Comments about Product:

The wand is a unique gift item for tea lovers. It can be used anywhere, anytime. All you need is tea leaves and hot water.
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By Natalie S
3/30/2010 2:32:00 PM
5.0 nice straw

Comments about Product:

I really like drinking my tea this way - it looks pretty floating in the glass. The filter keeps all the crud out of the straw and there are no tea bags to toss when I'm done.
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By Mickey C
3/30/2010 2:31:00 PM
4.0 works great, a little long

Comments about Product:

I use the coffee wand with my herba mate. And it really works great for the fine leafed tea that I have and won't clog. It is a bit long, ok, too long for anything but travel mugs. Would be nice if it was an inch or so shorter.
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