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Cuisipro Foam Soap Pump

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Infuses liquid soap with air & water to create a thick foam for easy lathering
  • Reduces soap consumption by up to 75% - saves money & resources!
  • Cuts consumption of small disposable soap containers
  • Easy to use   fill level indicator shows exactly how much soap & water to fill!
  • Suction cup on bottom keeps dispenser in place
  • Allows you to buy liquid soap in bulk or eco-friendly refill sizes - saving you more money
  • Backed by a Cuisipro 25 year warranty

    The Cuisipro Foam Pump is a stylish and easy-to-use tool for reducing soap consumption and water waste! The aerosol-free pump simply blends air, water and your favorite liquid soap to create a rich foam that requires no additional water to lather and rinses faster than traditional liquid soap. Unique design looks great on any kitchen or bathroom counter top. Curved angle ensures that soap dispenses into your hand, and suction cup bottom keeps the bottle in place, allowing for one handed operation!


Dimensions: Dimensions
  • 8.5ѓ?ќ x 3.15ѓ?ќ x 3.15ѓ?ќ
  • 13.2 oz volume
SKU 504162
Brand CuisiPro
Brand Description For over 60 years, Browne & Co., maker of the Cuisipro® family of products, has created innovative tools and gadgets for the kitchen. Inspired by a passion for cooking and an eye for design, Cuisipro’s unique selection of reusable products helps you reduce waste and save money in the process—like the Cuisipro herb keeper or the Cuisipro Date Dial Sealing Lids, the winner of a 2012 International Housewares Association Innovation Award. Built to last and designed to be reused over and over, these eco-friendly Cuisipro products are sure to help green your kitchen routine.
More Details Dimensions
  • 8.5” x 3.15” x 3.15”
  • 13.2 oz volume

Design & Functionality
This stylish, high-quality foam pump was designed with both form and function in mind. The unique curved angle of the bottle ensures that soap dispenses directly into the hand. A suction cup on the bottom secures the dispenser in place, allowing for one-handed operation. The pump combines a minimal amount of liquid soap with water and air to produce a light, creamy foam, reducing soap consumption by up to 75%.

Made of PET & Polypropylene (#5). Chrome pump made with chrome plated ABS.

By using a foam pump to create lather, you don’t need to turn on the faucet until you’re ready to rinse. Foam also requires less water for rinsing, reducing water waste even further. Also, since the foam pump combines liquid soap with water and air to dispense, a minimal amount of liquid soap is needed. This reduces soap consumption, allows you to buy liquid soap in bulk or eco-friendly refill sizes, and saves you money!

About Cuisipro
Browne & Co., maker of the Cuisipro family of products, creates innovative tools for the kitchen, inspired by a passion for cooking and an eye for design. For over 60 years, they’ve combined superior materials with high-quality workmanship to create durable, beautiful products. Exceptional performance and refined, timeless style go hand in hand with new technologies to make tools that tackle tasks with precision and ease.

Care Instructions
For optimal use, use fill line guidelines as directed on the bottle. Shake the pump gently to mix the soap and water, and then pump a few times to activate flow. Occasional cleaning recommended for peak performance. Foam pump is top rack dishwasher safe.

  • Mix the soap and water very well before dispensing the foam.
  • When using liquid soap designed for foaming dispensers, no additional water is required.
  • For best results, do not use with liquid soaps containing strong chemicals, moisturizers or suspended particles (i.e. moisturizing beads).
  • Not intended for use with shampoos, hair gels or lotions.

Country of Origin
Made in China

Cuisipro Product Name & Product Number:
  • Cuisipro Foam Pump, Black - 83758002 (CUI-001-BLK)
  • Cuisipro Foam Pump, Chrome - 83758000 (CUI-001-CHR)
  • Cuisipro Foam Pump, Green - 83758004 (CUI-001-GRN)

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  1. Love it - ordered a 2nd for the kitchen review by Tami S on 7/12/2016
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    I love the Cuisipro Foam Soap Pump. I bought one for our master bath as I was tired of cleaning around the sticky soap dish. This works great, stays in place and with the diluted soap helps to cut down on the amount of soap scum and residue in the sink. I bought a 2nd one to replace the regular soap dispenser we had in our kitchen. It's easy dispense soap even with greasy hands. Wiping it clean in the kitchen is a breeze too.

  2. Great soap dispenser! review by Elizabeth G on 7/12/2016
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    This soap dispenser works very well and has a cute design, too. It's amazing how little soap you need to create a rich foam that gets your hands very clean. The suction cup does a good job of holding the dispenser firmly in place.

  3. Great bang for the buck! review by bakkum a on 7/12/2016
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    Not only does this pump help you save money, it also looks good while doing it. Very attractive and easy to use. We have it in our bathroom and it's stuck firmly in place for two weeks - not budging! I also have to sing praises for the basic functionality of it - foamed soap is a thing of genius. Love it.

  4. Bought Many, Didn't Last review by Z. Fierce on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love the vision of this. Using a concentrated eco-friendly liquid soap, I can dilute this in a soap dispenser for top-quality cleaning with no waste. The design of the dispenser, slightly angled forward, works really well, and you can dispense soap with one hand. I bought these for myself, my friends, and as gifts. After a few months of use, though, they started to break. To refill the dispenser, you unscrew the lid (the green part, on mine) from the clear light-bulb shaped container. You fill it with a bit of soap and dilute it with water, and screw the lid back on. The screw mechanism to unscrew and re-screw it does not look like it was designed for much use. After about 10 refills, there was a small crack in the lid (the cuff part), and after about 15 refills, the crack had gone all the way through and the lid did not seat properly so the dispenser didn't work. I had this happen on 3 of the dispensers I purchased, about 3-6 months after I bought them. If you know about this in advance, and are very very gentle, you might get more use out of yours.