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Earthstone Non-Toxic, Heavy Duty Kitchen Scrub Stone, Set of 2

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Removes baked- or burned-on food
  • Non-toxic - made from 95% recycled glass
  • Scouring pad attached for scrubbing pans
  • 2 KitchenStones are equal to 40 Brillo pads
  • Contains 2 cleaning blocks
  • Can be used on ceramic, enamel, boiler pans, ovens, and even tempered glass products such as Pyrex, Corning and Visionware
  • Never dulls because it sharpens itself as it wears down
  Kitchen messes can be tough - from burnt-on food and scorch marks on the bottom of your pans to the inside of your oven, these jobs can require a lot of scrubbers and chemicals. KitchenStone is a non-toxic, effective replacement for traditional kitchen cleaning tools. A set of KitchenStones will last as long as 40 traditional cleaning pads. Made from 95% recycled glass. Contains no harmful chemicals, and is designed for use on all sorts of cooking surfaces, including ceramic, enamel, boiler pans, ovens, and even tempered glass products such as Pyrex, Corning and Visionware. Scouring pad attached for tackling tough jobs. Stone never needs to be sharpened because the block maintains its edge as it wears down.


Dimensions: 2ѓ?ќ L x 2ѓ?ќ W x 2.25ѓ?ќ H
SKU 502790
Brand Earthstone
Brand Description In an effort to produce an eco-friendly alternative to pumice (without relying on the conventional process of strip mining in the mountains of New Mexico and elsewhere), Earthstone International co-founder Andrew Ungerleider devised a method for recycling glass recovered from US landfills that has become the basis for all of Earthstone's products. Earthstone's sand paper replacements and cleaning products not only work faster, but also outperform other conventional household cleaning and sanding products, without using harmful chemicals. Earthstone’s non-toxic sustainable products are practical, functional and made in the USA.
More Details Dimensions
2” L x 2” W x 2.25” H

Made from 95% recycled glass, with scouring pad.

KitchenStone blocks are non-toxic, chemical-free and made from up to 95% recycled glass. By using the block as opposed to Brillo pads or other conventional scouring pads intended for use with potentially harmful chemicals.

About Earthstone International LLC
Santa Fe, New Mexico-based Earthstone International has specialized in producing environmentally friendly household cleaning and sanding products since 1993. The company was originally founded in an effort to reduce strip mining in New Mexico. At that time, Co-Founder Andrew Ungerleider devised a method for recycling glass into an extremely fine, powdery substance that has become the basis for Earthstone's products. As a result of this method, Earthstone's products not only work faster, but also outperform other conventional cleaning methods without the need for harmful chemicals.

Care Instructions
It is best to test KitchenStone on an out-of-sight surface before use, as it may scratch stainless steel cookware, ovens, stovetops and sinks. Do not use on Teflon-coated, aluminum or copper cookware. For best results, simply scrub in a circular motion using light pressure.

Country of Origin
Made in Mexico with U.S. components

Product Name & Number
PureClean Kitchen Single, 12 Ct. Tray (110SS012)

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  1. crazy scrubber review by Wendy G on 7/12/2016
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    This scrubber has some ninja powers when it comes to burned on food! My god, it even took the carbon seasoning off my cast iron skillet. I can only imagine what it would do to my bathtub. And no, none of these things are a negative reflection! I love this scrubber, but I make a mental note to use it wisely. It's a powerful little scrubber for sure.

  2. Awesome review by Michael G on 7/12/2016
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    I love this thing! It got film off my tub that nothing else could. It's a little awkward around the bends but worth the work considering how much time it saves.

  3. review by Tiffany V on 7/12/2016
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