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Mops & Floor Cleaning

Mops & Floor Cleaning

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  1. Reuseit Telescopic Extending Duster

    Extend your supply of green cleaning tools (quite literally) with the Reuseit Telescopic Extending Duster. Created specifically to reach the hard-to-reach places in your home, like ceiling fans, vent registers, and beneath furniture, it easily takes care of dirt and dust both high and low. The telescopic handle adjusts to be shorter or longer, depending on your cleaning needs. Additionally, the duster is available in two unique shapes for the best possible dusting experience in a variety of places in your home.

    The best part of all? The eco-friendly cleaning supply eliminates the need to purchase disposable, one-time-use dusting heads for a waste-free cleaning experience. Both dust heads are easy to remove when they need to be cleaned and are machine washable for your cleaning convenience! Tumble them dry on a low setting and you’ll be ready to use them again.

    • Reusable, waste-free dusting head in either a square or rectangle shape
    • Dusting attachments are easy to remove and wash
    • Telescopic handle allows you to reach hard-to-reach spaces
    • Chenille dusting heads effortlessly grab dust
    • Machine wash and tumble dry low
  2. reuseit Reusable Mop Wet and Dry Replacement Heads, Set of 2

    These reusable mop heads prove you don't have to sacrifice convenience for sustainability...
  3. Reuseit Telescopic Extending Duster Replacement Dusting Head

    Our Replacement Dusting Heads are an eco-friendly cleaning supply, which eliminates the need to purchase disposable, one-time-use dusting heads for a waste-free cleaning experience. These chenille dusting heads are easy to remove, from the Telescopic Extending Duster or the Easy-Reach Duster, when they are dirty and can be easily machine-washed, dried, and reused again and again! They need only be replaced when you feel you’ve worn them out.

    • Available in either the square or rectangle shaped replacement
    • Easy to remove and attach to duster
    • Machine washable and dryable
    • Eliminates waste of disposable dusting attachments
    • Chenille material easily picks up dust
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3 Item(s)

We love the quick mop concept, but we hate the waste generated from disposable floor cleaning cloths. To replace those disposable mop covers, we’ve got you covered with super absorbent, long lasting, microfiber sponge mop covers, reusable wet and dry sweeping cloths and a range of other green floor cleaner products and eco-friendly solutions to help you go waste-free, without compromising on convenience or cleanliness.

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