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To-Go Ware Cotton Carrier Sling Bag
To-Go Ware Cotton Carrier Sling Bag

To-Go Ware Cotton Carrier Sling Bag 1019261

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To-Go Ware Cotton Carrier Sling Bag

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To-Go Ware's Cotton Carrier Sling Bag is the perfect partner to your To-Go Ware® stainless steel food carrier. This convenient sling bag frees up your hands as you take your food to-go. Plus, it's sustainably and responsibly made from cotton scraps collected from recycling sites throughout Ghaziabad, India. Ideal for folks on the go, the To-Go Ware® carrier bag makes it simple to transport your To-Go Ware® food carrier wherever you go. Woven cotton strap adjusts for comfort, and a handy side-pocket conveniently holds utensils (all additional items sold separately).

A great set for the eco-conscious consumer trying to replace disposable food containers and plastic bags. Replaces use-and-toss plastic bags and containers that fill landfills and require nonrenewable resources to produce. Easy to hand-wash so it can be reused over and over again. Light and durable, it’s a smart alternative to toting your carrier in disposable and flimsy plastic bags.

• 2-tier Sling Bag designed to hold your 2-tier stainless steel food carrier
• Made of eco-friendly recycled cotton
• Adjustable cotton strap
• External slit pocket perfect for utensils
• Lightweight and strong - double-stitched at all stress points

More Product Details

2-tier (designed to hold your 2-tier stainless steel) food carrier= 6.5" diameter, approx. 7.5" tall
Adjustable cotton strap: up 48”

The To-Go Ware® cotton carrier sling bag is woven from recycled cotton scraps.

About To-Go Ware®
To-Go Ware® began in response to the disturbing presence of disposable plastic dishes and utensils in restaurants and shops. By providing durable, reusable methods for food & beverage transport, To-Go Ware® aims to inspire like-minded consumers to reduce plastic in favor of smart, portable products designed to be used over and over again. Their products feature sustainable materials like stainless steel, bamboo and recycled plastic & are produced under Fair Trade guidelines.

Care Instructions
Hand-wash cold, drip dry

Also works great as a knitting bag, or as one customer has said, to seed your lawn!

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in India with fair labor practices

4.8 (based on 4 customer reviews)
By barbara l
1/30/2013 2:48:00 PM
5.0 to go ware cotton carrier sling bag

Comments about Product:

I have to keep ordering more of these, as when I am ready to take home my leftover food from a restaurant I am the envy of everyone. No hateful styrofoam, no plastic, just my own perfect carry home container in my little sling bag. I will buy any friend one, just as long as they use it, and I feel like I am making a difference in our world when I use it. I would recommend to anyone. The two or three layer tiffin is well worth the price, and you also need the small and large condiment containers. Why leave the salsa there when you can take it home and have it over your eggs in the morning. Very nice, useful product, well made and a pride to carry on your shoulder.
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By Elizabeth W
9/9/2009 7:35:00 PM
5.0 Just had a chance to use this bag for the first ti

Comments about Product:

Just had a chance to use this bag for the first time and am completely in love with it. Fits the three-tier tiffin tin exactly right, with a slot perfectly sized for the bamboo utensil set.
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By Amy C
4/8/2009 8:15:00 AM
4.0 I bought this bag to accompany the 2-tier food car

Comments about Product:

I bought this bag to accompany the 2-tier food carrier, and all-in-all, the system works well. It's constructed well and looks good. My only wish is that the bag was a bit deeper than it is so that you could add a piece of fruit or the like on top of the lunch carrier. At its current height, it only holds the food carrier, and the interior of the food carrier is too small to add a medium apple or other fruit. If the bag were deeper, a clasp or button would be great too!
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By Cathy T
9/20/2008 11:58:00 PM
5.0 This carrier is perfect for the stainless-steel lu

Comments about Product:

This carrier is perfect for the stainless-steel lunch boxes. Construction and ease of use could not be better. This is another instance where buying what's good, also can do some good.
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