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Reusable Vacuum Seal Lids by Keepeez, 10.5%26quot;
Reusable Vacuum Seal Lids by Keepeez, 10.5"KEP_001_Leakproof.jpg

Reusable Vacuum Seal Lids by Keepeez, 10.5" 1020675

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Reusable Vacuum Seal Lids by Keepeez, 10.5"

Sorry, this product is currently not available.

Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Plastic wrap replacement
  • Incredibly durable and tear-resistant
  • Creates airtight seal to help keep food fresh
  • Refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Seals to plastic, ceramic, glass and metal containers or dishes of any shape

With Keepeez vacuum food sealer, you can kick another disposable habit and keep piles of plastic wrap out of landfills. Use the simple Keepeez Vacuum sealer to keep foods and beverages fresh in the refrigerator or freezer. Unlike plastic wrap, the lid creates an airtight seal, plus, it adheres to all types and shapes of containers. The seal is thin but incredibly durable - we've pushed it to the max and haven't been able to break it!
More Product Details
10.5" diameter

Design and Functionality
The Keepeez Vacuum food sealer is made of an extremely flexible elastomer that adheres firmly to any plastic, ceramic, glass or metal container. Plus, because the entire transparent surface creates a seal, you can place it over any size or shape container, as long as it's smaller than the plastic perimeter of the Keepeez. Unlike plastic wrap, the Keepeez food sealer is durable and tear-resistant, and it creates an airtight seal that also helps prevent spills.

To seal your dish, place the vacuum food sealer on top (as you would a lid), making sure the rim of the container is free from moisture, debris or ridges. Then, press firmly down on the center of the sealer (the deeper you press, the stronger the vacuum).

Rim is polystyrene and transparent film is BPA-free elastomer

Using the Keepeez Vaccuum food sealer instead of plastic wrap will help keep piles of plastic out of landfills. Plus, it will reduce your consumption of the natural resources (including petroleum) that go into the production of all that wrap.

About Keepeez
A group of young engineers envisioned Keepeez after pounds of their fresh-picked strawberries rotted too quickly. After more than half a decade of intensive development, Keepeez products now reach a global market.

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe. Make sure your dish is cool to the touch before placing the Keepeez vacuum seal on top. Do not contact the sealer with abrasive cleaners or sharp objects.

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in China
4.6 (based on 5 customer reviews)
By Laurie B
5/10/2011 10:43:00 AM
4.0 Saved me from a lifetime of plastic wrap

Comments about Product:

Absolutely fantastic invention. So long as your bowl is glass or ceramic, the vacuum seal lids hold tight to the edges and cover your food perfectly. You can even toss them in the dishwasher! I have avoided using certain bowls to store things for a long time because they didn't have lids, and it pained me to have to use plastic wrap. Now, I can use those bowls again, and be plastic-wrap free! The only downside is that you have to have multiple sizes to fit your containers properly, and if your lid is larger than your container, it takes up extra space in your refrigerator. They seem pretty strong, but I hesitate to stack them. Overall though, EXCELLENT purchase! I want to give them to everyone I know!
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By Caroline R
2/11/2011 3:26:00 PM
5.0 Great and easy!

Comments about Product:

I really like these lids. It's a great alternative to plastic wrap. I only have the large size lid right now, but I think having a few of the smaller size lids would be more useful. Most of my larger food bowls have glass lids but these are perfect for small bowls to store leftovers/chopped veggies/etc. Really clever product!
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By lisa p
4/27/2010 9:35:00 AM
4.0 great idea

Comments about Product:

I originally bought this for the bowl I use when making bread, but have used it much more frequently than I planned! I use it for covering salads I take to others' houses and food storage, as well. It seals well, but it is a delicate seal - don't bump it in the fridge, or the seal will break. Not a big deal unless you don't notice...I will order another size in the future.
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By Dave H
3/10/2010 11:13:00 AM
5.0 works great

Comments about Product:

Durability is better than expected, my sister even showed me something she saw at the Sam's demo where the lid was stretched half way down a soda bottle without breaking and that pretty much clenched it for me! Overall I give this product an A, I'm probably going to order another set soon.
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By Mary M
3/10/2010 12:00:00 AM
5.0 love these

Comments about Product:

Don't let the thinness of the film fool you. These lids are super strong. I have long acrylic fingernails and couldn't pierce it when I pushed down hard. These work as advertised and I highly recommend them.
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