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Food Storage & Produce Savers

Food Storage & Produce Savers

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  1. Silicone Microwave Cooking Bag

    You must-have this silicone bag in your kitchen. A great replacement for one-time-use, disposable plastic baggies, this one is reusable and out preforms them all. It holds 33.87 ounces and features cup, ounce, and milliliter labels on the front for convenience of filling and measuring. Super durable, heat-resistant silicone means you can boil this bag and cook in it, store it in the freezer, reheat it, and travel with it. The hermetic seal ensures it won’t ever leak, even when storing liquids. It’s easy to open and close. To close, simply line up arrows on the bag, clip and pull it closed. If you need a label on this bag that isn’t a problem either! You can write on the surface if it needs a label, name, or date on it. When you’re done using it, its easily cleaned in the dishwasher and ready to be reused time and time again.

    • This resealable silicone bag can be used for cooking, freezing and reheating food.
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • 100% Silicone
    • 33.87oz.; 8.7"W x 1"D x 7.9"H
  2. Chip and Snack Bag Resealer

    With our Chip and Snack Bag Resealer your chips, candy, and bagged snacks are guaranteed to stay fresh!
  3. Fit & Fresh® Adult Healthy Living Food Container Kit with Pill Container

    Stick to your healthy living and eating regimen with the Fit & Fresh® Adult Healthy ...

  4. Fit & Fresh® "Get in Shape" Food Container Kit with Shaker Cup

    Kick start your fitness or weight loss plan with this "Get in Shape" Kit from ...

  5. Reuseit Produce Saving Mineral Packs, Set of 2

    Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
    • Increases shelf life of food up to 3-10 times, ...
  6. Reuseit Tritan Dry Storage Container, 30 oz

    Buying in bulk cuts down on costs and unnecessary packaging but you'll need our handy ...

  7. Reuseit Steaming Divided Lunch Container and Tote

    From cooling, to carrying, to heating, this Reuseit Steaming Divided Lunch Container and Tote has …
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7 Item(s)

Our food storage containers and food savers will help you waste less food and money, and enjoy your fruits, vegetables and other time-sensitive foods longer. Some food saver containers, like the Reuseit Produce Saver, safely and naturally slow the produce aging process by absorbing ethylene gas and other ripening agents. Others simply store your food in a smarter way, protecting it from light and other environmental factors that can cause produce to spoil, in airtight containers. We also offer a growing line of high-quality, safe, reusable plastic and glass food storage containers, produce and food saver containers.

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