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Full Circle Squeeze Cellulose Cleaning Cloth, Set of 3

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Squeeze some fun out of cleaning with the Full Circle Squeeze Cellulose Cleaning Cloths. It's a set of three cleaning cloths that are naturally absorbent and 100% biodegradable! Use them as you would a paper towel, but don't throw them away. After you've used a Squeeze cloth, simply freshen by in the dishwasher or by boiling in a pot of water. Wipe up spills, wash dishes, clean tables after dinner and more.

With over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste trashed daily in the US alone, there's no better time than now to make the sustainable switch to reusables. You'll be conserving natural resources, as well as pocketing a few extra bucks by not buying paper towels. Good for you and for the environment!

• Reusable cleaning cloths, set of 3
• All-natural and biodegradable
• Made from plant-based cellulose
• Dishwasher-safe


Dimensions: 7″L x 8″W x 0.2″D
SKU 505506MLT
Brand Full Circle
Brand Description Full Circle’s line of stylish, functional products for the home is made entirely from sustainable and renewable resources and local raw materials. Full Circle works to keep the environmental and social impacts of their products in mind by implementing and adhering to fair labor practices, working and environmental conditions and reducing air and water waste. They also ensure scraps and waste materials are recycled and that products are packaged in recycled and FSC-certified paper. Full Circle products are made from materials designed to do just as their name suggests—that is, come “full circle”—without creating waste.
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7″L x 8″W x 0.2″D


Care Instructions

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in Canada, Israel and China with fair labor practices

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  1. Love them review by Louise on 7/12/2016
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    They last a long time and can be composted when they finally get too thin to use. Great stuff!