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Glass Dharma Set of 3 Glass Straws with Brush

SKU: 501971
23.95 25.95

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • Elegant design
  • Simple way to reduce plastic waste
  • Great for hot or cold drinks
  • Safe and BPA-free

Virtually unbreakable, these are the best glass straws we've encountered. They're great for anyone who frequents fast-food restaurants, coffee shops or cafeterias, and they'll help you eliminate hundreds of wasteful disposable straws each year.

Also available in decorative dots.


Dimensions: Standard - Set of 3: 9.5mm x 8 "
Smoothie - Set of 3: 12mm x 8 "
SKU 501971
Brand Glass Dharma
Brand Description Back in 2007, professional glassblower David Leonhardt created GlassDharma drinking straws in order to provide a simple, sustainable way to help reduce society's misuse of plastics. GlassDharma welcomes more companies to combine efforts in making glass straws more readily available. Believing the environmental impact to be the key concern, GlassDharma is happy to market-share their corner of the industry in hopes of reducing waste. Not only do these durable, elegant glass straws help you eliminate hundreds of disposables each year, they won’t leach harmful chemicals into your beverage like their plastic counterpart.
More Details Dimensions
Standard - Set of 3: 9.5mm x 8 "
Smoothie - Set of 3: 12mm x 8 "

Design and Functionality
Handmade Glass Dharma straws were developed by a professional glassblower who holds high standards for the construction, consistency and durability of his products. The process for annealing (hardening) the glass meets the specifications and guidelines of Corning, Inc (the makers of Pyrex). If that's not enough, these drinking straws come with a lifetime guarantee against any breakage.

Use a standard glass straw to replace a regular drinking straw at home or on the go. The smoothie straws are perfect for those healthy, blended drinks or for your favorite frozen coffee.

Made of borosilicate glass (like in a coffee pot or pie plate)

Plastic straws may be small, but with so many used every day, they generate a significant amount of waste. Plus, they're made of resource-consuming plastic. A reusable glass straw is a simple way to eliminate thousands of disposable straws from the landfills and help you save money and natural resources.

About Glass Dharma
Professional glassblower David Leonhardt created Glass Dharma drinking straws to provide a simple way to help reduce society's misuse of plastics.

Care Instructions
Microwave and dishwasher safe. Set includes a cleaning brush.

  • Pairs well with 12oz, 0.5L or smaller bottles.

Country of Origin
Made in the USA

Product Name and Number
  • 3 Simple Elegance 12mm x 8" with cleaning brush
  • 3 Simple Elegance 9.5mm x 8" with cleaning brush

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  1. Works as advertised review by Hidalgo Whitherspponerham on 9/3/2016
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    Thus straw was absolutely great for PeacH(P) Tea! Able to suck it in quickly. Only complaint is the straws get slightly dirty after repeated daily use. But don't worry, clean that shit out, and start the fun up right there again yeehaw

  2. review by on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I really like my glass straws,it's a lot cleaner than plastic ones. My drinks tastes so much better and easy to clean with the brush that comes with it.

  3. Roomie Loved Them review by Sophia L. on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Roomies and I bought a set of the smoothie straws for our 4th roomie. She loved them! The straws are very well made, almost like the same material as Pyrex beakers. She's already talking about buying another set.

  4. Love them! review by Nicolette Y on 7/12/2016
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    The glass straws are perfect for hot drinks. They are a little larger than a "normal" straw, so it might not fit in all straw container holes. Other than that I cannot find anything wrong with them.

  5. Great Customer Service review by Lauren B on 7/12/2016
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    I had one accidently fly off the counter while in a tall glass and it broke as it crashed to the tile below. I contacted the manufacturer, told them the story, and within a week had a replacement straw. No hassles whatsoever.


  6. Great Straws review by KARL H on 7/12/2016
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    We have had them over a year now, never had one break or chip even in the dishwasher. Great Straws Love them.

  7. great product review by Jamie R on 7/12/2016
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    I really appreciate the brush that comes with these. They are easy to clean(I initially use the brush but then just put them in the dishwasher). I love that we are no longer using disposable straws.

  8. Bought some more! review by Claire J on 7/12/2016
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    I had a set of three straws and loved them so much. The cleaning brush is the best. I used it to clean the straws on my reusable plastic cups, too! Unfortunately, my husband dropped the dishwasher's cutlery caddy when all three of my glass straws were in there, and they all shattered. Oops. They lasted me for years until that accident, though, so I bought some more along with a set of the stainless steel straws ;-) I recommend them both. I like that the glass ones are transparent, though.

  9. Overcoming the Single Use paradigm review by Daniel C on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    When I finally got sick of seeing plastic straws get used once and tossed in the trash, I went online, hoping that things had improved since the last time I checked (overpriced, low quality products with questionable materials) and was delighted to find this set of 3 Dharma glass straws with a convenient little cleaner brush for a great price. No more thin plastic single use straws going to the landfill. The straws are great, very durable, and the replacement/repair guarantee is awesome! I will be buying more very soon. Next time I will buy the ones with the drop of colored glass on them for sorting. Keep up the good work, y'all!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these straws! review by Ami G on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    We love these straws. My kids only use reusable straws now. These are easy to use, easy to clean (even in the dish washer) and we haven't broken one yet! They even fit perfectly in the straw lid of the Tervis Tumblers. Love, love, love them and they are a perfect conversation starter with people. Buy them and you won't regret it. We even have the stainless ones and I don't see us buy disposable again anytime soon. Seems a little pricey, but well worth it!!!

  11. review by Gene G on 7/12/2016
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    I have to admit I’m a “straw” kind of guy. I always use one when drinking coffee so that my teeth don’t turn the color of the Mississippi river. The catch? It’s not the greatest idea to drink hot liquid through a plastic straw, because one never knows what chemicals might leach off of semi-melted plastic. Enter the glass dharma straw. Glass doesn’t leach (not to my knowledge, anyway) so these straws are a healthier choice over their plastic (and I might add, less classy) cousins. The glass dharma straws are thick, too, so no worries about accidentally biting through one of them even for the worst “straw chewers” among us. And did I mention that these straws would make a great gift?

    I thought $19.95 was a tad on the pricey side for only three straws, but resuseit has a very reasonable shipping price of only $4.95--far cheaper than another company I found selling glass straws. Shipping time from reuseit to my doorstep was prompt, and I would shop at this company again without hesitation.

    Gene Green

  12. fun to drink from review by Becky K on 7/12/2016
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    Using these glass straws reminds me of the glass rods that you wind blobs of DNA around after a polymerase chain reaction. It's sort of like drinking a weird lab concoction, even if you're only having water.

    The shape of the ends and the thickness of the glass wall means that sometimes the flow of liquid is decreased, but it's never cut off as it sometimes is with a plastic straw, which can match exactly with the bottom of your cup.

  13. Great, but not always convenient review by Brandie C on 7/12/2016
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    These are very good quality glass straws; however, I am disappointed that there is not a hard case offered (even if it was separate, I'd buy it) to protect one while I carry it around in my car or purse. So I keep one at home and one at work. There used to be a bamboo case, but seems it has been discontinued and no longer offered. My DH told me to look for pencil cases, so I guess that would work. Other than that, the straws are great and the brush is really good at cleaning them.

  14. great product, fun for kids review by Rebecca T on 7/12/2016
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    These are terrific straws. We drink fruit smoothies all the time, and these are the perfect diameter for drinking them. They feel really solid and I just put them in the dishwasher to wash them. I feel much better about letting my kids drink through these than through plastic, though my three-year-old doesn't like the "donk donk donk feeling of them on my teeth" and isn't used to not being able to bite down or bend her straws so she prefers not to drink from them. I'm hoping she'll get used to them. If she does then I plan to order more. They're a neat conversation starter when friends come over, too.

  15. portable with a nice look review by Meredyth B on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I like that these are portable, and I"m not afraid to be walking around with these "glass tubes" in my purse or work bag. They're very sturdy and I've had no problems with chipping or breaking.

    Also, I like that the set comes with a cleaning brush. The clear surface and the brush let me feel comfortable that the straws are clean.

  16. review by Robyn S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

  17. review by Debra H on 7/12/2016
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    Love the glass straws. I use them daily to drink coffee and tea. I bought a 12 oz. ceramic cup with a silicon lid and the straw fits perfect. I highly recommend them to prevent staining your teeth.

  18. easy to clean, durable, a joy to use review by Susan H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These straws are a snap to clean with the little brush that comes with them. A few times the straws have rolled off my window sill and onto my laminate counter (a fall of about 6 inches) and they just bounced gently...no breaking. As I have been handling them, they feel sturdy and I no longer worry about breaking them at all. Like anything glass, I wouldn't want to drop them on a tile floor but you know they just might even hold up to that! I purchased them for my elderly dad who uses them to drink his thick breakfast smoothies. He really likes them because they are nice and firm for him to draw the thick liquid up, unlike narrow, flexible plastic straws, which can be a struggle for him, besides being bad for the environment!

  19. Glass Straws review by Noelle O on 7/12/2016
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    I drink tea and coffee all day long and was concerned that my teeth were losing their whiteness. I mentioned it to my dentist who suggested that I use a straw. I thought it was a good idea and ordered these glass straws. It does the trick. I keep one in the office, one at home and one in my car, so I am covered. They are sturdy enough, but still need to be handled carefully. I recommend them.

    Thank You.


  20. Love the glass straws!! review by Anna S on 7/12/2016
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    I got these mostly for my hubby who mixes up these evil protein meal replacement shakes with everything in the refrigerator in them. They are PERFECT for them because they are really stiff with all that broccoli and spinach in there. I like the little brush that comes with them too because now he can actually get them clean.

  21. Elegant and reusable review by Susan Marie K on 7/12/2016
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    These glass straws are a quality product that are also useful and elegant. I have not used plastic straws in many years, so it is now possible to sip a cool drink through a beautiful straw that is easy to clean with the included brush. The environment, especially the birds, are safer and I feel quite elegant sipping through these wonderful straws.

  22. Love them! review by Bonnie M on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These glass straws are extremely sturdy and easy to clean. I love the feel of glass over plastic!

  23. makes healty drinks fun review by Kerry H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These are expensive!! But keep in mind the price you pay for a smoothie out & they are a bargain!! They also have a lifetime gurantee & are made in the good ole USA! My kids love them.

  24. Good solid purchase review by Christiana H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Straws are helpful. I feel much less wasteful using them. They are thicker than I anticipated so they won't fit into my old smoothie cup (has lid for transport). Works great in a glass!

  25. Glass Straws~good idea review by Andrea T on 7/12/2016
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    Wish I had invented these! Didn't like buying so many plastic straws for my young daughter and myself, didn't think plastic in hot tea was a good idea and the paper straws just do not hold up for either of us. These straws are durable, not fragile and clear so you can be sure they are clean. A good rinse is fine for iced tea but they come with a little brush for a better clean, which is great! Would like some shorter ones for red wine; have seen online elsewhere but not on this sight. I would also like to have a little carrying cash for my pocket book to bring to work, restaurants, etc. Recommend to anyone!

  26. Great review by Kim O on 7/12/2016
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    I love these straws. I use them everyday! So far they've been dropped from my breakfast bar (the higher one) and thrown in my purse without breaking. Love them!

  27. love them! review by Allison H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I'm so glad I bought these straws - they are beautiful, sturdy (I am not at all afraid they'll break) and best of all, I can use straw with all my juices/smoothies where I was previously using plastic (at worst) or disposable corn (at best) products. Yay!

  28. review by Donna E on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I really like the glass straws -though it would be hard to get used to and wouldn't like.. thought wrong! These glass straws are so much better than plastic -no plastic taste with your drink, using glass straws makes the drink more refreshing, and colder! I can't even begin to explain how great they are to use. Once you buy glass straws, you will never want to go back to plastic. Mrs. Donna M Erickson

  29. Great Straws review by Caitlyn G on 7/12/2016
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    These straws work great for everything from soda to warm tea. They are easy to clean with the straw brush or right in the dishwasher! Straws are well made, have smooth openings and are long enough to stand up in a tall mug.

  30. Glass Straws review by Megan A on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    We just recently purchased the glass straws. We love them! We were using a lot of straws and felt badly about throwing so many away. I saw the straws on The Talk and just had to get them. We use them everyday. They are very durable too, the other day I dropped one on the driveway and it didn't break. I would recommend these to anyone who uses straws regularly.

  31. Great for smoothies review by Nicole K on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I purchased the smoothie size. It really works great for thick smoothies and shakes. If you rinse them right away, you don't even need to bother with the brush. They get clean in the dishwasher.

  32. Love them! review by Susan S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I bought these glass straws to use when we have meals outside the home. I always order my drinks without straws. They are thicker than I expected, which is a good thing.

  33. Excellent quality review by Po N on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I'm very happy with these straws. Use it everyday :D

  34. These are great! review by Kimberley M on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These seem very sturdy, and my son gets a kick out of using them.

  35. doubt glass will withstand bending review by Matthias D on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I would carry these in my backpack, but I fear that my backpack may bend and that might cause the glass straw to shatter. So I never carry them around and I lose some great opportunities to use them. But recently, my brother gave me an aluminum Slurpee straw that he bought from 7-11. That's one I can safely carry in my bookbag.

  36. awesome review by rae m on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I bought the plain set for myself and loved them so much I bought a set with dots for my sister! I keep one at work, one at home, and the third in the car for drive-thru bevvies! Very easy to clean, too!

  37. Fun to use! review by Kara E on 7/12/2016
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    I received some of these as a gift and they work great. They feel nice and seem to be holding up well despite being knocked around a bit (haven't broken yet). I love that they come with a cleaning brush too.

  38. these feel so good to use review by cathy m on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    The straws are very sturdy and the rounded edges feel great in my mouth. I have bumped, dropped & knocked them around a little, nothing too drastic, and have had no problem with breaking or chipping. I'm very pleased with them, just wish they cost a little less.

  39. Neat!! review by Laurie N on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I really think the Glass Dharma Straws are NEAT!! Stirs my ice tea and lemonade with them and just sippin away!! The only thing I wish came that would come with these would be a cloth pouch so you could carry with you wherever you go..I plan on sewing one shortly, so I can take carry them in my purse or lunch box and have them handy..Great product..

  40. Fun and reusable! review by Marylou C on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    My 8 year old LOVES using these to finish nearly every drink at home now. He loves how the glass feels as his cold milk flows through it. I love that I'm not worried about chemicals, it dries upon washing and it's not going to landfill.

  41. So exciting! review by Tisha P on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I was so happy to find a straw that I could reuse and didn't need to worry about the chemicals in plastic. I use this straw every day. I dropped one of the straws one time, it bounced and it's fine! These straws are a little larger to drink through than the plastic throw away kind and that was a bit of an adjustment. For me the safety of glass and not filling the landfill is worth the adjustment!

  42. review by Molly J on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love our new straws. My kids (5 and 3) have used them for about a month now. They both really like them and I feel good about the fact that we are not throwing away plastic straws every day.

  43. A smart purchase review by June H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I was a bit concerned about the fragility of the glass straws but they have held up very well. I must say that drinks taste better with them! They seem to transport whatever it is that I drink smoothly, which is a pleasant sensation. The brush that comes with the straws makes cleaning easy and simple. I hope the company will make longer ones so that I can drink out of 22 oz bottles. I would buy them again for sure.

  44. Great product! review by Ami G on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love these straws but was hesitant with the glass, since my kids mostly use them. No breakage yet! The cleaning brush is excellent as well. I have 2 "wishes"... I wish they made them longer for taller cups and I wish they came in a carrying case. Although, I am going to try putting them in a travel toothbrush holder and see how that works. I love how they get cold when drinking and they don't collapse down if drinking anything thick. Great buy!

  45. Great for kids! review by Elisa D on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I hate throwing out all the plastic straws, and thought I'd give these a shot for my 3 kids - ages 5, 4, and 2. Figured they probably wouldn't last long, but have been so pleasantly surprised. They are awesome! My kids love them, and love to make music with their straws at mealtimes. I can tolerate this to prevent throwing out more plastic straws. These straws are durable and practical. Get them!

  46. review by Claudia I on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love these straws :) I love the cleaning brush they come with. I was worried about how they would feel but they are great. I'm still a little nervous about breaking them, but they've been through some rough drops and haven't broken yet.

  47. Loved Them From The First Sip! review by Jacqueline R on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    It was not difficult to switch from the plastic to glass straw at all. The cleaning brush works very well, and the straw cleans up easily. I would suggest that you be careful with them, if you have a tile floor. I dropped one on our tile floor, and while the glass did not shatter into little shards, big pieces of the glass "flew" very far from the initial drop location. Therefore, these glass straws might not be appropriate for children. If you are an adult, who likes to drink with a straw, I recommend these highly.

  48. Sturdy, Easy to Wash, Love Them! review by Melissa E on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I was a bit worried about using glass straws for my kiddos, but they're very sturdy! My 3 year old and the other preshooler I watch can use them fine without me freaking out. I put mine in the dishwasher with my silverware and they come out great. I like the glass part because you can *see* that they're clean. I'm ordering more soon!

  49. Love review by Christine H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These straws are fantastic and they wash beautifully. I don't feel bad for going through boxes of straws anymore. I can hardly wait to order another set so we don't have to fight for our first three.

  50. durable, and cool review by Doh D on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These arrived safely despite being packed only in little paperboard boxes within a paperboard mailer. I got them as a novelty for my 10-yr-old and he thinks they're awesome!

  51. Good product review by Ingha H on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I was worried that with a glass straw, my habit of biting plastic straws would foray into me chewing glass. But this is totally not the case. I use my straw every morning for my green smoothie breakfast and I get less green "junk" in my teeth. It also doesn't really get stuff stuck in the middle, so I don't have to worry about cleaning it with the straw all the time. I am afraid it's going to break in travel, but maybe I can find a chopstick holder that'll fit it... Overall, I like it.

  52. Great idea - very durable! review by Rebecca L on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    We previously just reused our plastic straws, but grew concerned that we weren't getting them clean enough, so my family tried these glass straws. My 8 and 5-year-old boys love them - they've renamed them the "fancy straws" and use them all the time. I was worried initially about durability, but these have been banged around a lot and are still in great shape - no chips or breaking. I love the small brush they've included, which makes cleaning a breeze (but I have put them through the dishwasher a few times, too, with good results). We'll probably invest in another set for when friends are over!

  53. These are great! review by Sheila O on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These are great! I hesitated at spending 20 bucks on what, really, is not a necessity. But I like to drink water through a straw and hated buying and tossing all that plastic. I also didn't want my children to get in the habit of using plastic straws. These are strong and very comfortable to drink from. Easy to clean too. A longer brush might be nice, but the one it comes with certainly does the job. I agree with another reviewer, that it would be nice to be able to purchase an additional brush here if a replacement is ever needed. Highly recommended!

  54. I use these straws for my word review by dian g on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I use these straws for my word...I am the CocktailDeeva, or so people tell me... I use these straws on a very regular basis and I am not always so gentle with them. They have been fabulous...They are tough and beautiful all at the same time. There has not been a time that someone has not asked me about them and commented on how awesome they were... I love these straws...not just because they are green (although that is a huge plus...)...But also because they make my cocktails look even more fabulous...Very ECO CHIC... CHEERS DEE

  55. FINALLY! review by Yssa B on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    FINALLY!!! Straws that are reusable! We love these. Will be purchasing more. Easy to clean as well, just don't lose the brush. I'd like to be able to buy an extra brush without the straw though.

  56. Love this item review by Merle B on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Love this item

  57. I bought these straws for my son who uses a straw review by Roxanne N on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I bought these straws for my son who uses a straw to drink EVERYTHING. I finally got tired of buying plastic throw away straws and thought I would give these a try. He loves drinking out of these. Now he asks "can I have a glass straw please?" I am very happy that they came with a cleaning brush also. They are chunky enough that they fit in the utinsil bin in my dishwasher without falling through. Great product.

  58. I purchased both sizes and love them both! review by Debra G on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I purchased both sizes and love them both! For some people, using glass straws may take a bit getting used to (particularly the larger size)because it feels different in your mouth than a plastic straw. But after you adjust you will love the clean taste- tasting your drink and not the plastic of your straw. For people that may be worrying about the "ick factor"- what about all of the stuff that might stick to the inside of the straw from the last drink... no worries! The included brush makes it squeaky clean and ready to go. Bonus: the large straw works well with the 18oz Klean Kanteen!

  59. I never thought I could love a straw, but I do review by jackie S on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I never thought I could love a straw, but I do. So does my family, and we all feel great about re-using these beautiful straws instead of tossing out plastic ones after only one use. I am going to give these as gifts to everyone this year!

  60. I love them! review by Rebecca B on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love them! They are beautiful. I think they are just about the best thing to come along since sliced bread. They get noticed every time I use them. People always ask about them, opening the door for me to offer a little education about the perils of plastic. I just wish more people knew there are alternatives to plastic.

  61. review by on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These straws are made with nice heavy glass that will hopefully keep them from breaking. The wider opening is great for slurping up smoothies! Love the cleaning brush--a necessity! Gave 4 stars instead of 5 only because I think that for the price they should have also come with a little carrying pouch to keep them protected.

  62. Pretty sturdy review by Pam L on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I like the straws but worry about about themt being glass. Seem

    sturdy but I'm still cautious.

  63. Very nice review by Shiloh H on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I ordered a set of these and was glad they came with the brush. I use the brush on my stainless steel straws, too. The glass is very strong and washes well in the dishwasher. I like the look of the metal ones, better, but I like the glass ones, too. I love being able to reuse them. no more plastic straws for us!

  64. nice but breakable review by Rebecca T on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    (This is my second review of this product.) I ordered more of these so we'd have enough even when some were in the dishwasher. I still like how capacious, solid, and dishwashable these are, as well as the fact that they're not plastic. However I'm sad that one of these broke when my 5-year-old dropped one from about four feet up onto our tile floor. So they're pretty tough but not indestructible.

  65. Worth the Wait review by Betsy B on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    * Clear glass is easy to verify for cleanliness.

    * Stronger than they look.

    * Minor adjustment for size

    I wanted these for about 5 years, so I was a little concerned with how useful or enjoyable I would find these straws when I finally bit the bullet and purchased. These are wonderful! Easily cleaned, not as fragile as I feared, a bit larger than I anticipated, but otherwise just about perfect. I use them every day.

  66. review by kit g on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Easy to see if really clean. However, straw circumference is bigger than expected - bigger than the typical plastic staw. Takes a few uses to get used to.

  67. Like it. Working well for the purpose e review by Beverly C on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Good product. Diameter was thicker than expected which makes for a strange mouth feel, but the seems to iprove the durability. Was told they might get here in a day or two; took over a week which was disappointing. Would have preferred the correct info from customer service to set realistic expectations.

  68. Love these straws! review by Leona M on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I really like how the straw gets cold when it's in an iced beverage. I don't know why, but it just seems more refreshing that way! They are very sturdy straws, and are very easy to clean with the included cleaning brush. I have used the brush for other hard-to-clean items in my kitchen. I am considering getting the smoothie size straws to round out my collection.

  69. Sturdy but a little pricey review by Kate A on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    So far these straws have held up well. Easy to hand wash with the little brush provided. I have hit my teeth on them a couple of times. Ouch! They are a bit thick to fit comfortably into the straw holes of my reusable plastic cups (tupperware brand). And while it is the green thing to do, I don't think I'll actually save money using the glass straws. Oh well, at least I can feel good about using a reusable straw with my daily iced tea.

  70. Better than the plastic straws I buy review by Susan H on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I occasionally use a plastic straw to drink my water in the morning after applying lip color, but I always feel guilty for doing it. I tried my straw for the first time today and it wasn't weird at all. I got the smoothie size because I sometimes make milkshakes that are way too thick for the plastic straws, which could fit inside these Dharma straws, so I am looking forward to using them for that. I do wish that I had purchased the set with the "fins" because I store them in a glass in the cabinet and you can barely see them because they just blend in with everything,

  71. missing brush review by Joy S on 7/11/2016
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    I received three glass straws = wonderful, sturdy - just perfect for my needs. BUT - there was no brush in the package with which to clean the straws..??? Can you send that on to me?


    Dr. Schary

  72. glass straws review by Faith H on 7/11/2016
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    I wanted the glass straws as I drink hot coffee with a straw when I stop at Dunkin' Donuts. I know drinking very hot liquid through the plastic straws is not especially safe as the plastic might leach. And I didn't want to go with metal, as I was concerned with a "metallic taste." The straws are sturdy, so I'm not concerned about breakage, but at the same time are thicker than I'd prefer. I have a hard time putting the straw into the cover, whether it's a DD cover or one of my travel mugs. Do you make a thin straw from some kind of "hot friendly" material? I do realize the thinner the glass, the more fragile it will be.....

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