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Drink in the Box Reusable Juice Box with Reusable Ice Pack

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SKU: 506036
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Let little ones sip down their juice safely and sustainably—without any fears of dangers chemicals, single-use waste or lukewarm temperatures! This money-saving bundle includes the endlessly practical Juice in the Box and its partner cold pack, Ice on the Box.

Juice in the Box is especially designed to replace conventional disposable juice boxes. The almost 4 billion of these single-use boxes consumed annually are the nemesis of a sustainable lifestyle. Because they are made of an inseparable combination of cardboard, plastic and aluminum foil, juice boxes cannot be easily recycled, and more often then not they are simply tossed into landfills—where they 300 years to decompose. What's more, studies conducted by organizations such as the FDA and the Environmental Working Group found that over 40 different brands of juice boxes contained toxic levels of lead and arsenic. By choosing to refill a reusable juice container like Juice in the Box, your little ones will be safe from drinking down such dangerous chemicals—and they'll be learning the importance and benefits of making eco-friendly, sustainable choices.

And, keeping the reusable juice box cool all day is a cinch with the Ice on the Box reusable ice pack. It's specifically designed to be used with Juice in the Box, and fits snugly around the box's exterior. Just leave the Ice in the Box in the freezer until you need to use it, then slip in around the Juice in the Box and presto—cool, yummy juice for hours. Made to be used hand-in-hand, the ice pack's simple, practical design allows kids to sip on their juice box without having to remove the ice pack.

Juice in the Box and Ice on the Box also sold separately on our site.

• Reusable juice box and ice pack
• Juice in the Box helps replace nasty disposable juice boxes
• Ice on the Box is specifically designed to cool Juice in the Box for hours
• Cut out single-use waste and scary chemicals, too
• A waste-free lunch combination that's a match made in heaven!


Dimensions: Juice in the Box measures 3.25"L x 1.75"W x 5.25"H and holds 8 fluid oz when filled to fill line
SKU 506036
Brand Juice in the Box
Brand Description By providing you and your children with healthier, cost-effective and sustainable drink choices, Juice in the Box’s high-quality product encourages families to start taking small steps toward eco-friendly habits. Juice in the Box partners with Canada-based Precidio Design to provide the best hydration options, while ensuring that your kids grow to be as healthy as possible with a balanced and nutritious diet. Our children deserve not only the best health, but also an education, awareness and desire to care for our fragile environment, so isn’t it time for a better juice box?
More Details

Juice in the Box measures 3.25"L x 1.75"W x 5.25"H and holds 8 fluid oz when filled to fill line
Ice on the Box is designed to fit over the Juice in the Box and measures approx. 3.25"L x 1.75"W x 5.25"H

Juice in the Box:
Seal and spout made from 100% silicone
Stainless steel hinge on top
Box made from Tritan plastic

Ice on the Box:
Non-toxic cooling gel

Care Instructions
Juice in the Box:
Dishwasher safe

Ice on the Box:
Wash by hand in warm water and with gentle soap

Replacement individual components and accessory packs available for Juice in the Box

Country of Origin
Juice in the Box is made in Canada
Ice on the Box is responsibly made in China with fair labor practices

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