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Klean Kanteen® Insulated Wide 20 oz Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle

SKU: 502218

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This stainless steel and insulated water bottle by Klean Kanteen® keeps drinks hot or cold with durable, double-walled construction. The bottle is both 100% BPA free, and will keep cold beverages insulated for up to 24 hours, and hot beverages or soups will stay hot for up to six hours. This reusable bottle is the perfect choice for your daily coffee, water, or even lunch meals. Works with most hiking water filters and the slim design fits comfortably into bottle and cup holders- great for on-the-go.

Like many of Klean Kanteen® products, this cap is interchangeable with any other Klean Kanteen® Wide cap, including the cafe cap - perfect for coffee or tea. Plus, it has the same convenient shape and size of a typical beverage can but can be used over and over again. It has durability and safety you expect of Klean Kanteen®, and we especially love the wide mouth because it makes cleaning and filling very easy!

• 20 oz reusable stainless steel water bottle by 1% for the Planet Member Klean Kanteen®
• Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours, and hot for up to six
• Made from 100% BPA free and durable stainless steel
• Wide mouth makes for easy cleaning and filling with ice cubes, fruit wedges, or other additions
SKU 502218
Brand Klean Kanteen
Brand Description Klean Kanteen®, a Chico, CA family-owned company founded in 2005, was the first to create reusable water bottles that are safe, lightweight and made from high quality stainless steel. A certified B Corporation and member of 1% For The Planet, Klean Kanteen, not only makes safe, eco-friendly water bottles, but also maintains high levels of oversight at their facilities in China to ensure that their factories meet environmental and fair labor standards. Their environmental business practices also ensure that all their packaging used in shipping their products is either recycled or made from materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
More Details Dimensions
Volume: 20 fluid ounces
Weight: 8.75 ounces
Size: 10"H (including cap) x 2.75"D

Made from electro-polished, non-leaching, high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, blended specifically for food preparation, dairy, brewing and various other applications where mineral migration is unacceptable. Plastics (polycarbonate) have been shown to leach carcinogens (including BPA) after cleaning and with regular use and exposure to heat.

Stainless steel is an iron-containing alloy made from some of the basic elements found in earth: iron ore, chromium, silicon, nickel, carbon, nitrogen and manganese. Properties of the final alloy are tailored by varying amounts of these elements. There are more than 57 stainless steels recognized as standard alloys on the market. Klean Kanteen® bottles are constructed from high-quality, sanitary-grade 304 stainless steel, which has low nickel content. Stainless steel has excellent resistance to stain or rust due to its chromium content, making it a material of choice among the food processing, dairy and brewery industries. It's easy to clean, durable, inert and sanitary.

Care Instructions
Klean Kanteen® bottles are dishwasher safe (washing caps in the dishwasher is not recommended because H2O can squeeze into the cap) or easy to clean with a bottle brush and mild soap. We recommend an old-fashioned cleaner: white vinegar and baking soda. Dishwashing Insulated Wide bottles are not recommended because H20 can squeeze into the cap, and pressure and heat may cause the vacuum plug in the bottles to loosen and fall out).

Stainless steel does not rust. If your bottle appears to have rusted, it is a harmless residue left behind from the electro-polishing process. Electro charges remove fine particles from the stainless steel surface, remove impurities and seal it. Harmless electrolytes are left behind and sometimes turn a rust color.

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in China
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  1. My all time fav review by Hannah on 7/12/2016
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    I have been using this 20 oz size thermal bottle for 2 years now. I love the insulation. When I leave my water bottle in the car, the water does not get hot from the hot car or freeze overnight in the winter. It fits in all water holders. It keeps hot really hot a long time and same for cold. Just be careful not to drop it on the pavement, for I dinged the bottom and it rocks slightly. But I love this one. I try to be careful.

  2. a new favorite review by kathyrn m on 7/12/2016
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    I love the insulated Kleen Kanteen. It's perfect for ice water at work. If I put ice in it after lunch, when I return the next morning there is still ice in my bottle. I find this amazing every single time it happens. I do not drink hot drinks, so I do not have any reference for hot; but I love it for cold drinks.

  3. review by Beatrix W on 7/12/2016
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    I like the wather bottle very much only I( thought) and hoped it was a little larger so I can take more wather with me to my work. But the bottle is amazing,and so easy to clean..!!

    I had a question about what you said of donation to the planet. In what way can we place that....

    warm regards Beatrix

  4. Replacement insulated Cup review by Stacey C on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I brought this as a replacement bottle for my coffee in the morning. It works good for my purpose does not keep coffee as hot as I would like but it fits the cup holder of my new car perfect.

  5. Great product! Love it. review by Harold M on 7/12/2016
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    Great product! Love it.

  6. great insulated bottle review by Marieke M on 7/12/2016
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    I'm really happy with this product: i poor my soup in it in the morning and more than 4 hours later it is still hot. 20 oz is also the perfect quantity for a nice portion of soup.

    The shipment to Belgium costed $ 5.65 and it was delivered within 2 weeks so i'm a happy costumer.

  7. The Perfect Insulated Drinking Canteen! review by Kristen M on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I did alot of reviewing before I bought my first insulated canteen, decided on this one, and am so happy with it.

    Works very well, my tea stays hot all morning, and my smoothies stay cold all morning. It works so well that sometimes the bottom of my smoothie freezes even more. The canteen is extremely durable. I haven't had any trouble with it retaining flavors, and I drink black tea every morning out of it. Also, the cafe cap is amazing because the rotating part can be popped out (the reason why it isn't 100% leakproof), and you can fully clean the entire lid, instead of having nasty gunk build up underneath there.

    The company is also very responsive and friendly. You can tell they care about their products and making their customer happy. My loop cap started having a minor leak, so I sent them an email (even though I didn't buy the canteen from them), and they sent me new o-rings free of charge. Problem solved.

  8. Holds my iced tea in my hot car! review by Marian H on 7/12/2016
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    I love, love, love this bottle! I use it mostly to keep drinks cold in the summer. Filled with ice, this bottle keeps a drink cold in my car while I'm running errands in the summer in Phoenix. My sons each carry one to school every day and they have held up remarkably well under rough use. The bottle washes well in the dishwasher (we always use the cafe lid, and that goes in the dishwasher, also) and we have never noticed any residual taste from having used the bottle for coffee or hot chocolate.

    The lid that comes with it is watertight, which is great if the bottle needs to go in a bag.

    Every member of my family owns one of these, and I have given several as gifts. This is a well-designed, handsome, practical bottle. It has paid for itself many, many times over as we have been able to bring drinks from home instead of buying them on the road.

  9. review by Margaret E on 7/12/2016
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    Love it, big enough for the rest of my pot of tea, so I can take it with me.

  10. water bottle does not leak! review by Erika P on 7/12/2016
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    I love this water bottle because I can put it on my desk and there is no condensation. My

    desk and papers stay dry. I only wish they made this same kind in a 30 or 27. I need just a little more. Overall great product.

  11. Keeps my coffee hot for several hours review by Martin P on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love it. Just be warned the 20oz doesn't fit a BMW dash cup holder. Fit's the rear seat holder.

  12. Great! review by Carlos Augusto A on 7/12/2016
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    great product, clean design.

    I just wished that I had payed atention to the lid (i wanted the coffe lid not the standardt).

    I truly recommend it!!

  13. keeps it hot or cold! review by DEBRA G on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Love it. No sweating with cold drinks, and hot drinks stay hot. On a long road trip recently, even after several hours, my tea was still sufficiently warm! Love the cafe sipping lid- they have really improved the Klean Kanteen with this version. This is my 3rd- i highly recommend!

  14. Love, love, LOVE this bottle! review by Michelle S on 7/12/2016
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    I LOVE this insulated bottle! I have the 20 oz size and it's fabulous. I live in a hot, humid climate, so I load up the bottle with cold water every morning and it stays cold until it's empty, even when I leave it in the car! It also doesn't sweat everywhere and get everything in my bag wet. In the winter, I use this for hot tea and it's great for that too. I love that it's easy to clean, although it can absorb flavors from tea and coffee. I plan to buy another one just for my tea. I lost my first one of these, and since I can't live without this thing, I immediately ordered another one. Fantastic!

  15. LOVE! review by Jackie B on 7/12/2016
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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thing! the wide top is big enough to put normal ice cubes in. i take soda to work in the morning and there's still ice when i get home at night! and no condensation is nice. the regular cap does leak so if you're putting it in a bag or purse, make sure to use the loop cap (which really doesn't leak). enjoy :)

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! review by Danielle R on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    We have had Sigg water bottles for the past 3 years, but with the Siggs' paint and interior coating peeling we decided to make the switch to Kleen Kanteen. AND.... we absolutely LOVE these water bottles!! We use them for both hot and cold beverages. Very well insulated-- keeping coffee hot and water cold for hours on end. My husband has been taking his coffee in the morning and then washing it out for water when he's done. He especially likes these water bottles because he no longer has to take a coffee mug and water bottle to work :) Love Love Love Kleen Kanteen :)

  17. review by James S on 7/12/2016
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    These are fantastic! Still have ice in after sitting on counter all night after work.

  18. Awesome Insulated Bottle, BPA-Free review by Joanne T on 7/12/2016
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    I LOVE my insulated Klean Kanteen; I love it so much that I'm buying them for the whole family. It really does keep drinks hot or cold for about half a day and will keep it warm or cool for up to a full day. Plus it is BPA-free and Klean Kanteen is upfront about the materials used to make their bottle (unlike some other reusable bottle brands that claim to be BPA-free but won't disclose the materials used to line the inside of the bottle). I have the 20 oz which is good for a large coffee or tea. I mostly use it with the cafe cap, which is unfortunately not spill-proof so I can only use it at my desk or if the bottle won't be moved around much. If the bottle is going into my bag, then I just use the cap that the bottle comes with. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and to pop ice cubes into. I also like that the bottle is dishwasher safe; the cap it comes with is not though, but the cafe cap is dishwasher safe and the two pieces can be separated for a more thorough cleaning.

  19. Amazing Insulation review by Allyson H on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    We love klean kanteen. We have several water bottles and sippy cups. This was our first purchase of the insulated bottle. It's amazing! The exterior stays a comfortable temperature and the inside keeps the temperature of whatever is in it. Coffee is piping. Ice doesn't melt. We purchased the cafe lids to go with them. Very practical. Great for coffee or tea. And I now prefer using the cafe lid for cold beverages, too. So easy to operate and you don't have to worry about where to set down your lid if you're on the go.

  20. Gotta Have one review by Jamie M on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love the insulated water bottle. Ice stays frozen throughout the night, giving me a wonderful, refreshing drink should I wake up in the night. I have three of these bottles. One for home, one for work and one to share. I'm about to order another one for my husband, who keeps borrowing mine. I have lots of reusable water bottles, but this is the one I use.

  21. Kleen Kanteen is a great item to own. review by PAULA A on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this 27 ounce insulated Kanteen. It is great and I still have ice left in it at the end of the day. I would buy several next time. It is great in this hot weather for travelling and carrying iced water in the car.

  22. review by Lisa B on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I absolutely love my insulated klean Kanteen bottles. I now own 3 of them. One I use for coffee and tea which keeps them hot for hours. I just took my other two to the pool and they were sitting in the hot sun for a couple of hours and the water was still refreshingly cold. My husband works twelve hour shifts and he can't believe how cold his water stays. Works much better than a Klean Kanteen with a sleeve.

  23. Absolutely Wonderful! review by Ann F on 7/12/2016
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    It's hard to find enough nice things to say about this water bottle. I also bought the BuiltNY neoprene sleeve (loop but no snap), which I keep on it all the time. I love that the inside of the thermal cap is stainless steel. I fill it at night and again in the morning with ice water and two or three cubes of ice and when I re-fill it there is still some ice remaining. The sleeve probably helps - it also protects the bottle from bumps and scrapes and makes it easy to transport and handle the bottle. The sip top is not insulated and it leaks, so I only use it during the day at my desk. When I carry the bottle with me or at night (I put it on the floor by my bed), I use the insulated loop top (in case it topples over), which is very easy to remove and it is easy to drink from the wide-mouth bottle - the edge of it is thin. You don't really need the sip top, unless you take lots and lots of teensy sips every few minutes. This is a great bottle - it does a superb job of keeping something cold (and hot too, I imagine, but I just use it for water, so far). I love it. I drink a lot more water and I'm so glad I bought it. The BuiltNY neoprene sleeve easily folds away for drinking; I'm also very glad I got that too. The sleeve increases the usefulness and ease of use and insulation of the bottle itself. I recommend the bottle and sleeve without reservation. Just remember that the sippy top (separate purchase) leaks if you lay the bottle down - the insulated top does not leak at all. Ann Fennell

  24. More Info review by Ann F on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I forgot to mention that I have no problem at all with any scent or taste and I'm very sensitive to smell and taste (I have a two-stage filter installed under my sink and even use the filtered water for washing all vegetables and fruits) - of course I WASHED my bottle first with dish soap and hot water. I cook in stainless steel too and my mixing bowls are stainless steel or glass. I find no taste or odor whatsoever from either my cookware or from this great bottle. Also, I find the wide mouth (which is thin at the lip) just as easy to drink from as any normal cup or glass. I never drink from small-mouthed plastic bottles, so perhaps people who have trouble drinking from this are more used to drinking from coke-type bottles rather than from glasses. Again, love, love, love this bottle (and sleeve).

  25. review by Deborah G on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this container as a water bottle! It is easy to carry and fits inside my drink holder in the car. I fill it with water and ice, and the ice is still present seven hours later!

  26. Simple, smart and sleek review by Emrah Oguz K on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Shipping takes about to week to Turkey, but it's worth waiting for. Well designed and shaped, looks great! Insulation is better for cold drinks than hots and its mount is wide enough to put ice in it. Stainless steel is safer than aluminium in long term usage and also it makes bottle durable. Love from Turkey

  27. Most Awesome Bottle Ever review by Melissa A on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Simply put I LOVE this item. I use it almost daily for herbal iced tea and it rocks. If you put it in the fridge the ice never melts and if you leave it out the ice melts about 24 hours later. It keeps my hot beverages so hot that I have to wait almost an hour after making them to drink them, so it it better to not make it in the Kanteen if you you want to drink it right away. I don't see that as much of a hindrance in the overall satisfaction with the product though. If you have any hesitation about buying this item let it go! I only wish I had given in and bought it sooner.

  28. Really love this for cold AND hot drinks review by julie g on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    In fact, I wish I could justify buying another one, so I could drink my morning coffee from one while preparing my afternoon iced tea. I got the Humangear capCAP for it, and it's just a tiny bit leaky. To fix that, I found a plastic reusable straw from a Tervis Tumbler that fits perfectly so I can just open up the small cap and drink without tipping my head back and risking spilling. If only Klean Kanteen would invent a cap with a straw, that'd be perfect. But otherwise, I'm thrilled will my 20oz wide mouth insulated Klean Kanteen.

  29. Best Bottle EVER! review by Tamara B on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I recently broke my Sigg bottle and was in the market to replace it. After reviewing the Klean Kanteen, it got me interested. First, i wanted my new bottle with a wide mouth, as cleaning the Sigg wasn't at all convenient(bought the cleaning tablets, a special brush). Second, was the versatility of having cold and hot drinks...and STAYS at that temperature for a long time. Finally got my KK today, and gave it a test run. Filled it with water, stuck about 4 ice cubes in it and went to my martial arts class. Well, I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find that those ice cubes were still floating around three hours later, and the bottle wasn't freezing to the touch. Sure, its a little pricey, but i was already going to fork out the cash for a Sigg, which is about the same. Only, this is way better! Highly recommend this one! Its worth every penny.

  30. Ice cold tea even at end of work shift! review by Kaye D on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love my Klean Kanteen; it is compact and smart looking but best of all, my beverage is as cold at the end of the day as it was when I poured it at 6 in the morning! Wide mouth makes putting ice cubes in it very easy. Wonderful product!

  31. Perfect! review by Colleen E on 7/12/2016
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    This is the bottle I have been looking for. Extreamly well insulated. I purchaced the cafe top with it and I take it with me everywhere. It has a great wide mouth for easy cleaning and ice. I like the clean stainless steel finish (no paint that will eventually chip off). I LOVE IT!

  32. review by Frank L on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I got the 20 oz. bottle(2 of em) about 2 months ago and put ice and water in it and left it for 24 hrs. There was still ice in the bottle. good insulation. I bought the bottles for water bottles on my bikes. They fit very well in my water bottle holders(one piece S.S. made by BBB - www.bbbparts.com)It is not hot enough (100 deg) to really test the bottles as I still ride at these temperatures. I'll have to wait for summer-Oklahoma). But according to my above mentioned test, I am quite sure they will be fine. thank you Kleen Kanteen for a good product. All I drink out of is either glass, stainless steel or a coffee mug.

  33. Buy this bottle!!! review by Christine E on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    This is one fabulous water bottle ... it keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold so well. In fact, I put some ice (not too much) and water in my bottle yesterday about 3pm and the ice was still going strong when I got to my office this morning at 8am! Now that's an insulated bottle.

  34. review by Kellie T on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love the insulated water bottle. Keeps the ice/water cold for a long time.....I wish they would make bigger bottles. I put a lot of ice in the bottle and by the time I add water, there isn't enough water to last as long through out the day as I would like it to. I tend to drink a lot of water, especially when it is cold.

  35. Great bottle...you will not be disappoin review by Denise S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    OK...it was a little hard to spend this much on a water bottle, but I am glad that I did. Water stays cold a long time & I am sure that a heated drink would stay warm just as long. No metal taste at all! Easy to clean. I'm glad that I spent a little more $$$ and purchased the insulated Klean Kanteen.

  36. I'm in love! review by Katherine R on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I purchased this bottle as soon as it became available from Klean Kanteen and I must say I'm in love. I've never had coffee stay warm for so long! It can be something of an annoyance to have two caps (especially when you forget the cafe cap!), but being able to just chuck your coffee or smoothie in you bag with no worries is completely worth it. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  37. Close to perfect review by Lee S on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I use these canteens on the golf course to keep my water cold and icy. They do this job very well while fitting in the average cup holder. Cons: For 18 holes of golf on a hot day, I need to bring a 2nd bottle of water to refill. Also the lip of the bottle is not rolled and almost sharp, so much so I don't drink from this bottle while in a moving vehicle afraid of what would happen if in an accident. I just bought a cafe top so I don't have to worry about the sharpness, but am not thrilled to lose the carry loop and leakproof feature of the bottle with this option.

  38. Happy but not thrilled review by Elisha P on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I bought this insulated bottle specifically for smoothies or iced coffee because I live far out of town and like to bring snacks or lunches. While the bottle does keep smoothies relatively cool, if it's an even mildly warm day I have to keep it in a freezer bag or it'll get warm. Also, it's a little hard to drink from...I always end up with smoothie on my nose! And the lid is almost impossible to get totally clean...there are smoothie remnants under the plastic ring that I can't get out. So, overall I'm happy with this purchase, but wish it was easier to drink from and easier to clean well.

  39. Good bottle review by Deana T on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    It's a decent bottle as far as insulated stainless steel bottles go, but it does have a bit of that "stainless steel" scent. I use it for water and it insulates quite well. Would be nice if they made a bigger size than 20 oz. The only thing I don't like is the wide mouth; tough to drink out of without spilling.

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