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Glass Water Bottle, 16 oz, with Silicone Sleeve by Lifefactory

SKU: 503323
19.95 19.95

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  • BPA-free and free of phthalates, PVC and polycarbonate
  • Protective silicone sleeve
  • Wide mouth for ice & easy cleaning
  • Slim 16 oz bottle fits in most car cup holders
  • Bottle made in France, sleeve made in USA
  • Dishwasher safe

Glass water bottles by Lifefactory are a beautifully-designed alternative to plastic bottles and disposable water bottles. Durable glass construction withstands daily use and provides fresh-tasting water - just like your regular drinking glasses at home. Colorful silicone sleeve protects your bottle and is easy to grip. Great for hot or cold beverages.

Also available in 9 oz & 22 oz sizes!


Dimensions: 9.6” H (including cap) x 2.75" W (at base)
16 oz volume
SKU 503323
Brand Lifefactory
Brand Description Since 2007, Lifefactory has set out to replace disposable water bottles by creating safe, attractive reusable glass bottles, made in the USA and designed for people of all ages. A collaboration between an award-winning integrative designer and a pediatric feeding specialist, Lifefactory glass beverage bottles combine modern sensibility, eco-friendly construction and exceptional utility. Lifefactory’s motto is “Safe. Simple. Smart.” Indeed, their complete system of stylish and practical reusable glass bottles for all ages is just that!
More Details Dimensions
9.6” H (including cap) x 2.75" W (at base)
16 oz volume

Design and Functionality
LifeFactory bottles come with a protective silicone sleeve, these wide mouth bottles can be used for a variety of beverages including water, sports drinks, juice, coffee, tea and more. Plus, it's transparent, so you can see its contents and know just how much of your beverage you have left. The screw-on cap closes tight for a leak proof seal, making this a great bottle to pack in your lunch bag or gym bag.

Bottle is FDA-approved glass. Sleeve is non-toxic, plastic-free silicone. Cap is BPA-free #5 polypropylene.

Using a reusable bottle helps replace wasteful use-and-toss single-serving paper and plastic beverage containers, while saving money in the process. Reusing durable glass bottles helps you consume less over time. Bottle is 100% recyclable.

Care Instructions
All parts are dishwasher safe.

• Take caution when using with hot liquids - the bottle will be hot.
• The silicone sleeve is protective, but does not guarantee against breakage - do not leave children unattended with bottle.
• Extreme temperature differences may cause cracking, allow a hot bottle to cool gradually before adding cold liquid
• Do not put bottles in the freezer.

Country of Origin
Bottle made in France, sleeve made in USA, cap made in Poland

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  1. Great bottle review by Rachel W on 7/12/2016
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    Great product! I love the taste of the water out of glass and happy I don't have to worry about the chemicals coming from plastic. I am glad the silicone sleeve is on the bottle because without it the bottle would become very slippery with condensation from a cold drink.

    It has a nice wide mouth to put ice in and the bottle isn't too heavy at this size. Love it!

  2. review by Roberta N on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Excellent product!

  3. Love my new 16 oz bottle! review by Erness W on 7/12/2016
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    This bottle is so easy to fill, and to drink from! I take ithe 16 oz with me to the gym 3 times a week. The color is cool & matches my yoga mat. I keep the 22oz. one on my desk in my office so I can take sips & get my water intake daily! I'm so glad I don't need to buy those plastic water bottles to lug around & toss away anymore.

  4. Love my Glass Water Bottle review by Andrea K on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love my 16 oz. Glass Water Bottle with the silicone sleeve. With the wide mouth opening it is great for easy cleaning and ice cubes. I even put my in the dishwasher for and it makes the clean up easy. Many of the water bottles I have had before had such a narrow opening that impossible to use cubed ice. This Glass Water bottle is great, when my kids have a sporting event, I fill up two or three of the Glass Water Bottle and off we go. With the assorted color sleeves it makes it easy to figure out which kid had which bottle.

    Using glass is much more sanitary and my kids love them. My daughter dropped one and it was completely protected in the silicone sleeve. Believe it or not, my kids drink twice the amount of water now that they have the glass bottle. Water taste so fresh, like it came from home. I travel for work a few days a week and my water bottle fits great in my cup holder. I am so in love with the water bottles that I will be ordering some as gifts for my daughter’s basketball team. The kids will love them.

    I have also put coffee in my bottle for a long road trip, the coffee stayed hot and fresh. When I was finished I gave it a quick rinse and was amazed that my glass water bottle didn’t smell like coffee. The metal water bottles would have retained a coffee smell. I gave my niece one of the glass water bottles when she was pregnant and she loved it because she could carry it any where she went, it encouraged her to drink plenty of water and every where she went people would ask her where she got her bottle from. She ordered another one after the baby was born and uses it for water for the baby or for mixing formula on the go.

    So if you are looking for a safe, durable, easy to clean water bottle for your family; the Glass Water Bottle with the Silicone Sleeve is just right for you and your family. The price is reasonable, the durability speaks for itself, and you should never have to replace them. You will not be disappointed at all. No metal or plastic water bottle smells, glass has no odor even if it sits in the sun.

  5. Finally got one! review by Louise T on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I have wanted a glass water bottle FOREVER so I was very excited when Santa brought me this one. It's great - I have hard water & a tendency to leave half-full metal water bottles in the fridge but they always had a metallic taste the next day. The water in the bottle tastes just fine if left in it overnight.

    This bottle is heavier than a metal bottle so that might be an issue if you're carrying it around a lot but it's great for the car. It fits in a cup holder perfectly.

    The bottle is easy to clean (I've been hand washing it) and gunk getting under the silicone cover doesn't seem to be an issue. Overall, I really love it!

  6. My Favorite Bottle! review by Annie N on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this bottle! It's a great size for carrying in your bag because while it's glass, it's not too heavy. It's easy to clean and even though I've dropped it a few times, the silicone has prevented it from breaking! And it looks cool. My only complaint is that sometimes it takes a few tries to get the lid lined up and closed correctly.

  7. Love It review by Shally W on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this water bottle. I love drinking out of glass and not tasting plastic anymore.

  8. Great bottle! review by Candace S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love it! Washes well, silicone cover is "grippy" and you won't drop it, tops twists off with one big twist. I want more of them!

  9. LOVE IT review by Janina U on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    This bottle is great!! The glass bottle doesn't make your drinks taste like metal or plastic, and you can use it for hot or cold drinks. The silicone protects the glass well, and it fits in my bike's bottle holder so that's great too. I love the wide mouth so you can put ice in it, and the color (gray) is pretty generic so even my boyfriend doesn't mind using it :)

  10. Glass is better than.... review by Jnae S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this glass bottle. I have the larger size but wanted something that was smaller for my desk and around the house. I got just what I wanted. I have put many different kinds of drinks in this bottle, and no flavor, smell or odor is left over. You are always starting with a fresh clean bottle (that is if you washed it..ha ha). I was worried at first that the glass bottle might not be as strong as the stainless steel bottles; it is just as strong and resists breaking. I have given these as gifts and will buy more!

  11. glass water bottle review by Jean S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Love it! Wanted to drink from glass and this solves the breakable problem. Would be great if there was one a bit larger, though.

  12. Bought the 16oz glass water bottle review by Nickie K on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love the 16 oz silicone covered water bottle. I really prefer drinking out of glass and love that it fits in my purse. The silicone cover is perfect for helping to make it feel safer against breakage. Highly recommend it!!

  13. Glass Is Great review by Judy E on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Glass, it can't pick up a plastic or metallic taste. It is the best substance, in my opinion, to eat and drink out of. When soda pop in aluminum cans came out in the 70's, I could taste the metal and still can. Plastic is as bad or worse.

    I saw a lot of comments about breakage. I am hoping that is only because so very few of us now grew up with glass in the home. In other words, I am hoping it is because a lot of us never learned to function with glass bottles and dishes around.

    I love this water bottle, and I hope to order at least a couple more. The only thing I don't like about it, is the lid. It has a cute handle for carrying, for spinning the top off? Not sure what. I wish it had a lid for drinking out of. This one is not practical for that. It is practical for storing in the fridge and pouring the water out into a glass.

  14. happy with my buy review by charles o on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    happy with product. easy to clean, perfect to use. reuse it.com doesn't have the flip top caps. other than that very happy. use it every day, bought more for my wife with flip top.

  15. Too tall and tippy review by Kathryn L on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    LOVE the concept of glass reusable water bottle with silicone sleeve protection and grip, but this 16 oz LifeFactory bottle is proportioned wrong for everyday use. Too tall and skinny means it tips over a lot. Make it shorter and bigger around, and it's got my vote. I gave this one away and stuck with the same thing in the 9 oz size, which is MUCH better proportioned and doesn't tip over. Plus, the 9 oz has a smaller opening, so it's easier to drink from.

  16. Glad for the Glass, but Easily Breakable review by Theresa P on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    We were so glad to find glass bottles, and these are nicely-sized and easy to clean. A month after buying eight of them (small for lunchboxes and larger for sports), however, we are down to four. My husband dropped one onto a carpeted surface at work, and it shattered dramatically. Same for one that dropped off of the low shelf in a school locker. I've been sending Pyrex for years without breakage. These just don't seem to stand up to real-life usage.

  17. Breaks! review by Aileen Z on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    My friend had this water bottle, and it got knocked off her desk at school and shattered. Then she got it again, and a few weeks later the same thing happened! Not a good idea if it can be knocked over easily

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