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Made By Humans Rock Paper Sticky Notes

SKU: 505009
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Love sticky notes, but hate the waste? Try Made By Humans' Rock Paper Sticky Notes instead. Made of chunks of limestone rock that are ground to dust, Rock Paper is the strongest, most eco-friendly paper on the planet. Made By Humans' Rock Paper is recyclable, biodegradable, tear-resistant and waterproof -- a paper that is easy on the planet, but built to last through accidental coffee spills, a trip in the purse or backpack, and so much more! To bind the limestone dust into sheets, Made By Humans simply adds a non-toxic resin.

According to the EPA, wood-based paper and paperboard account for nearly 30% of the waste stream in the US, despite both being recyclable. Furthermore, producing sheets of conventional paper requires 20 trees, 16000 gallons of water, bleach and 36000 btu's of energy. Rock paper, on the other hand, is the perfect eco-friendly alternative, as it does not consume trees, water or bleach in its production processes, and uses one-third of the energy required in conventional paper production. While its often difficult to determine whether or not popular brands of sticky notes are recyclable, rest easy with Rock Paper by placing them in the recycling bin when you're finished using them. Makes a great sustainable and year-round gift for students, coworkers and teachers!

• 100-sheet pack of sustainable sticky notes
• Made from crushed limestone and non-toxic binding resin
• Great, eco-friendly alternative to paper sticky notes
• Recyclable, biodegradable, tear-resistant and water proof
• Production doesn't require trees or water, and uses 1/3 the energy of normal paper production
SKU 505009
Brand Made By Humans
Brand Description Made By Humans is an award-winning designer and distributor of contemporary giftware, home and office accessories. Originally a company specializing in the design and production of 3-d puzzles, Made By Humans now offers a range of unique, sustainable products. Since 1989, Made by Humans has been “pushing the envelope” with innovative green products at affordable prices. From the staple-free stapler to their solar calculator made from corn, each of their reusable products is guaranteed to impress.
More Details Dimensions
Pack includes 100 sheets
Each sheet is 4"L x 3"W

80% crushed limestone rock
20% non-toxic binding resin

Care Instructions
Recycle or compost rock paper after use

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in China with fair labor practices

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  1. So soft to write on! review by Darla on 7/12/2016
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    I got the sticky pad thinking it would be hard to see but you can see very clearly and it is so soft to write on. I felt like my handwriting looked nicer since I didn't have to press so hard when I wrote on it. They feel so nice and I get lots of compliments at work on them!