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MicroFiber Compact Hand Towel/Cloth, 16" X 17" by Micromaid

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Ultra lightweight and fast drying
  • Soft to the touch
  • Replaces hundreds of paper towels and napkins
  • Can be used as a hand towel, handkerchief and more
  • Super absorbant - absorbs 7x its weight in water
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Pouch and carabiner clip let it go where you do
  • Special treatment seals in antibacterial properties
  • Perfect for sports, camping, or anywhere you might use a towel

    Replacing hundreds of paper towels and hand towels is easy with MicroMaid's ultra-copact Compack towel. Super-adsorbent and quick drying microfiber, it's perfect for drying off your hands or cleaning up small messes on the go. Towel is more than square foot in size and folds into a tiny carrying pouch. Caribener clips to you backpack, purse or bag, so you're never without your towel. Unique anti-bacterial treatment helps resist fungus and bacteria growth.


Dimensions: 16" x 17"
SKU 502372
Brand MicroMaid
Brand Description MicroMaid™ is the product of Import Merchandisers, Inc., an innovative company that was established in 2000 by Gary and Brenda Goerke. In an effort to supply items that will enhance all aspects of consumers' everyday life, the products they carry—like MicroMaid—are carefully researched in an effort to offer their customers a practical, high-quality product at affordable pricing with minimal environmental impact.
More Details Dimensions
16" x 17"

Towel is 85% polyester and 15% nylon. Pouch is 100% nylon and clip is made of aluminum.

Every day, more than 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in the U.S. alone. To make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted. By using reusable hand towels in place of paper towels, you can dramatically reduce waste and resource consumption.

About Import Merchandisers Inc.
Import Merchandisers Inc. is an innovative company that was established in the year 2000 by Gary & Brenda Goerke. In an effort to supply items that will enhance all efforts of the consumers' everyday life, the products they carry are carefully researched in an effort to goffer their customers a practical product of quality at affordable pricing.

Care Instructions
Machine washable. Wash warm.

Country of Origin
Made in Korea

Product Name & Number
  • Campack Towel 16 X 17 Black/Lt. Gray (432)
  • Campack Towel 16 X 17 Blue/M Blue (433)
  • Campack Towel 16 X 17 Forest/Lt. Gray (446)
  • Campack Towel 16 X 17 Neon Green/Olive (434)

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  1. Dries Quickly, Perfect Size, Highly Recommended review by Trix on 7/12/2016
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    I love this product! I’ve been using it at the office to dry my hands in the restroom. I’m not quite brave enough to use it in front of co-workers for fear of being judged a nut job.

    I sneak it in my pocket, dry my hands, and stuff it back into my pocket. As a previous reviewer commented, it dries quickly, even when it’s stuffed into its little mesh sack. . I lay it out in a drawer or hang it under my desk sometimes. I use it all day long and it never gets sopping wet. I’m so happy to use it every time, thinking of the waste I’m not creating, and saving my trees!

    The price is very reasonable and well worth the money. I ordered the blue because I thought it wouldn’t show stains or dirt as much as the white one. I like that the mesh bag is detachable, so the towel can be washed on its own. The carbiner clip is handy as well.

  2. requested! review by Susan W on 7/12/2016
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    My fourth grade daughter liked my towel so much she wanted her own for school! Much better than the scratchy paper towels.

  3. quick to dry! review by Susan W on 7/12/2016
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    I was amazed that the Micromaid towel dried even the time I forgot to pull it out of the pouch when I got home. The fabric is lightweight enough that it dries through the mesh. The size surprised me - it's bigger than I anticipated - big enough for both me and my daughter to dry our hands.

  4. Very handy review by Dana S on 7/12/2016
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    The handiest portable hand towel I've ever seen. Instead of trying to stuff a small towel into your purse, you can have a full size towel in a very small, compact package that hangs off your purse strap. It's easy to just pull open the velcro tab & grab the towel then stuff it back into it's little holder when you're done. The best part is not having to drip water into your purse or worry about accidentally dragging out something important while grabbing for your towel.

  5. Great handtowel review by Dana S on 7/12/2016
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    This is the first handtowel that I've ever purchased to carry around with me. I was a little concerned about how easy it would be to carry around a personal handtowel everywhere I went but this product makes it simple. It easily hooks to your purse strap and when compacted is quite small. The towel is very similar to the microfiber dust cloth that came with our big screen tv...it's not a high loft towel but it's absorbent enough to do it's job. I will definitely purchase more.

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