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Nalgene Sport Caps

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval


Dimensions: 2.5"H (with cap) x 2.75"D
SKU 501207
Brand Nalgene
Brand Description We love Nalgene reusable bottles because they are made in the USA, economical and dent-proof—ideal if you’re looking for a basic, no-frills alternative to use-and-toss bottles. From their virtually indestructible water bottles to their range of reusable containers, Nalgene strives to simplify lives while respecting the environment with smart materials and responsible initiatives. Nalgene is actively involved in campaigns including, Refill Not Landfill and several others, all dedicated to helping raise awareness and reduce the massive waste associated with bottled water.
More Details Dimensions:
2.5"H (with cap) x 2.75"D

Design & Functionality
The patented hinged cap closure is leak-proof & helps protect contents from dirt and other contaminants. We like the simplicity of the cap - snapping the cover shut pushes the spout down & locks it closed.

Safe Materials
BPA and phthalate free materials. Polypropylene (#5) is flexible, impact-resistant and microwave-proof. It's dishwasher safe and able to withstand temperatures from -20 to 248° F (-28.9 to 120° C). Dust cap is made from Eastman Tritan (#7). Based on third-party test results released and confidence expressed by other leading organizations and retailers, we believe Tritan is a safe alternative to other plastics for manufacturing bottles and food utensils and containers.

Nalgene bottles are reusable and 100% recyclable. Single-use, disposable water bottles (PET plastic) create millions of tons of unnecessary waste each year. According to the Container Recycling Institute, less than 15% of plastic water bottles in the U.S. are actually recycled. Using Nalgene reusable bottles helps preserve natural resources while saving you money in the process.

Nalgene also recently launched a campaign dedicated to reduce disposable water bottle waste, encouraging the use of any reusable container as a sustainable alternative.

High Quality Manufacturing
Nalgene quality is guaranteed. Every product Nalgene manufactures is subject to stringent quality assurance procedures. Its manufacturing facilities are compliant to high level ISO standards. Nalgene sites are also registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities.

Care Instructions
Nalgene bottles and containers are dishwasher safe. However, be aware that loose caps that come in contact with the heating element can melt. Secure bottles carefully, or place them in a small washing basket away from the heating element. Note that some dishwasher manufacturers now mount the heating element on the top of the machine. Always place your Nalgene products on the rack farthest from the heating element.

Here are some additional suggestions for cleaning your Nalgene bottles and containers: Soak in warm soapy water; soak in warm water with lemon; soak in warm water with baking soda.

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  1. Great for kids review by Rebecca K on 7/12/2016
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    I love these caps for my kids water Nalgene water bottles. When they play sports the bottles are often thrown into a basket or onto the ground and these caps keep them clean and germ free! They are a bit fragile at the cap hinge so I have purchased extra when they are on sale.

  2. Really?? review by Paul D on 7/12/2016
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    Several reviewers have said that these caps break off. This may be true if you entrust them to children, but for any adults out there, I have Nalgene bottles with these caps on cycling trips for at least 5 years with no problem. (They are great for cycling because they keep road filth from getting on the mouthpiece.) I will say, on the negative side, that the squeeze bottles made by Nalgene that these lids fit do impart a plastic taste to water, just so you know.

  3. It is so great to be able to buy a cap for my husb review by Nancy D on 7/11/2016
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    It is so great to be able to buy a cap for my husband's water bottle! He liked his big bottle for hiking but found that he could not drink and walk at the same time. Now he can and we didn't have to buy a whole new bottle!

  4. Clean Top! review by Julianne D on 7/11/2016
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    I have used this type of cap on the Nalgene 22 oz ATB Sport Bottle for a couple of years now and only recently had one break. Love the cover to keep drinking surface clean.

  5. works fine for me! review by Susan S on 7/11/2016
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    My 3 year old son has the nelgene sippy cup (which we loved) but now that he is getting older I wanted to upgrade his cap - this worked perfectly for him! Haven't had any problems with leaking or broken caps so far.

  6. Okay review by Elizabeth G on 7/11/2016
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    While the concept is good, I find the cap leaks a bit.

  7. Be sure to tighten firmly review by Jonathan C on 7/11/2016
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    These need to be firmly tightened or they will leak. Great tops although some came close too easily during use and you may need to pull open with your teeth or not let it touch your lips during use. Great one handed or no handed operation and secure closing feature - very convenient. I hope they make the detent more reliable on this great product.

  8. sport caps review by Rebecca K on 7/11/2016
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    I ordered a few of these caps for my sons water bottle. The reason I ordered a few is because they work well but are somewhat fragile. The clear plastic lid sometimes comes off and after 6 months or so of use the old one we had broke. We did get quite a bit of use out of it and that's why I replaced it with the same thing... plus I really like that it has a cover to keep the spout clean.

  9. I bought these caps as replacements for 2 sport bo review by Kris C on 7/11/2016
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    I bought these caps as replacements for 2 sport bottles we previously purchased - the plastic dome lid cracked at the hinge and no longer worked. Of course, this is after being dropped numerous times on our tile floor - any hard plastic would crack. I really like the cover that keeps the mouthpiece clean, and my daughter likes the amount of liquid that's dispersed - not too much, not too little. We'll definitely keep using these.

  10. OK but leaks review by Jamie J on 7/11/2016
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    We bought a couple of these and they leak when we drink out of them. They are fine for the sale price we paid for them ($.99) but I wouldn't pay more. The mechanism for snapping the lid shut also seems kind of flimsy.

  11. I got these for my boyfriend who is used to sport review by Angela L on 7/11/2016
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    I got these for my boyfriend who is used to sport water bottles. He loved them at first, but then found that they were leaking. I used them with the wide mouth 32 oz. Nalgene bottles. I don't know if we just got a defective product (we bought two and they both do it), or if it's the bottle's fault. They seemed like a great idea, but just don't work as well as I would have liked. (He does still use them, so they're not too bad).

  12. Bummer, they always break... review by Christina S on 7/11/2016
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    I love the bottles, but the plastic lids ALWAYS break off, then they are pretty pointless. I have ordered and re-ordered the tops, but it just doesn't seem worth it. The bottles would be perfect, because they fit in the Lap-Top Lunch Boxes, but they just don't last. Bummer!

  13. I wrote a review of these cups after we'd had them review by Laura H on 7/11/2016
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    I wrote a review of these cups after we'd had them for a month. Maybe I should have waited one more month, because by that time every one of the domed plastic covers for the lids had broken. The hinges operate with very small plastic nubs, and they break off amazingly easily. It's so disappointing, because these are the only cups of this size I've been able to find that are dishwasher safe (#1 strike against the Sigg bottles). If they could fix these lids, they'd be perfect.

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