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Nellie's All Natural WOW Stick Natural Stain Remover

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SKU: 506463FFR

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Get ready to be wowed! Nellie's All Natural WOW Stick Stain Remover ensures cleanliness for your clothes the best way possible, the natural way. The entire stick is made from naturally derived ingredients, which contain no dyes or synthetic fragrances. Lemongrass and sweet orange oils work a in combination with cleansing ingredients to combat odors caused by gross food and other spill stains.

So it keeps your clothes clean and smells excellent too! It’s also easy to use, simply wet the WOW Stick and rub gently onto the stain, agitate the stain under water and wash as instructed by the tag of your garment. After the wash dry as you usually wood and then look for the stain… but you won't find it.

  • Removes stains from fabric and garments
  • Uses only natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • Easy to use before washing stained items
  • Delightful citrus smell



Dimensions: 2.5"SQ. x 9.5"H, 19.2oz
SKU 506463FFR
Brand Nellie's All-Natural
Brand Description Nellie's All-Natural offers a line of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly laundry products that help you reduce consumption and use only what's needed. Inspired by honesty and simplicity, Nellie’s toxin-free goods are designed to clean and soften your clothing without all of the unhealthy, unwanted chemicals found in traditional laundry products. Make the switch to Nellie’s All-Natural and say goodbye to chemical fabric softeners and disposable dryer sheets for good!
More Details

3.5"L x 1.25"DIAM.

All-natural ingredients contain no dyes or synthetic fragrances

Country of Origin
Made in Canada

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