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  • Solid
  • Fun Design
  • Print


  • Yes


  • Small


  • Yes

Recycled Content

  • Yes


  • Yes

Disposables Replaced

  • Batteries
  • Rubberbands & Zip-Ties
  • Staples
  • Ziplock & Sandwich Bags

Country of Origin

  • USA
  • China
  • Japan
  • Philippines


  • Cotton
  • Juice Box
  • Plastic - ABS
  • Plastic - PET
  • Rubber Compound
  • Stainless Steel

Office Supplies

Approximately 1/3 of waste in the U.S. is generated by businesses such as offices, restaurants and retail stores ( That’s a lot of needless waste we can prevent by switching to reusable and green office supplies. Find environmentally friendly office products for your corporate, small business or home office here. From a superior line of rechargeable batteries and biodegradable garbage bags to smarter dry erase markers and eco-friendly staple-free staplers, we've got high-quality reusable solutions to many of the most common office waste issues.
eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, 4-pack AA

eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, 4-pack AA

Was $14.95
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eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, 4-pack AAA

eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, 4-pack AAA

More Styles...
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