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Personal Care & Apparel

Personal Care & Apparel

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    Reuseit Upcycled Sari Braid Bracelet

    Artisan crafted in India, these beautiful accessories are not only great additions to your style, but they are eco-friendly outfit add-ons as well. Every one is made from recycled materials from existing jewelry and upcycled saris. Add color and handmade style to your wardrobe or give these gorgeous pieces as a gift for nearly any occasion!

    • Handmade by artisans in India
    • Made using recycled materials
    • Adjustable length
    • Sari fabric will vary between each item
    • One-of-a-kind accessory
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    Eco-Dent Replacement Heads, Set of 3

    Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
    • Significa cut back on waste - only replace your ...
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The market is full of “green” versions of all kinds of personal care items—from reusable toothbrush heads to reusable containers. Buying disposables that are made with recycled content or with fewer harsh chemicals than conventional products is a step in the right direction, but switching to a reusable version is even better. We’ve sought out the best solutions to the most common disposables, bringing you reusable handkerchiefs, eco-friendly infant care items, toothbrushes, hand and body warmers, reusable hand towels and more.

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