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Organic Traditions™ Compost Starter

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Get your composting off to a quick, natural start with Organic Traditions™ Compost Starter. All-natural Bio-Excelerator helps to crank up the natural biological processes that convert kitchen and yard waste into rich, fertile humus.

Sprinkle enough Bio-Excelerator to completely cover your compost pile (approximately one cup per 16 square feet of compost). Each time you add another layer of organic material, sprinkle Bio-Excelerator completely over your last layer. If you completely moisten (not soak) the added layer after your application of Bio-Excelerator and turn the pile regularly (preferably once a week), you can reduce the time required for humus production to 2 to 3 months minimum.

Composting isn't hard, but it does require a commitment. You have to diligently collect the right kinds of home and yard waste (no dairy, meat or citrus) and add them to your pile. You also need to be mindful of the moisture level—avoiding letting the pile get too dry or too wet—and regularly turn the pile to ensure air circulation.

No, it's not a lot of work, but if you're going to go for it, a little help from our compost starter sure won't hurt. Bio-Excelerator contains microbes cultured for fast, healthy composting that will help you on your way to some seriously nutrient-packed plant food.

• Contains microbes cultured for fast, healthy composting
• Reduces the amount of time to convert waste to nutrient-dense humus
• Sprinkle Bio-Excelerator on whenever you add new organic material
• Keep pile moist, not soaked
• Turn pile weekly


Dimensions: 3.25"L x 5"W x 12"H
4 pounds
SKU 506281
Brand Organic Traditions
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3.25"L x 5"W x 12"H
4 pounds

Plant food with compost-accelerating microbes

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