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One Cup Reusable Coffee Filter by Frieling

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Reusable coffee filter lets you eliminates wasteful coffee shop trips and enjoy fresh coffee just about anywhere
  • Made of 23K gold plated foil – won’t alter taste or absorb flavor
  • Scientifically engineered openings to hold back unwanted residue
  • Enjoy some of the purist tasting coffee in just minutes!
  • Reusable coffee filter is dishwasher safe or just hand wash for a super easy clean-up

Pair with a reusable travel mug & cup to enjoy your coffee on-the-go!


Dimensions: Single-serving (1-cup pour-over): 3.5" x 3.5"
SKU 503761
Brand Frieling
Brand Description Frieling, a woman-owned minority business based in Charlotte, NC, has been creating an exceptional line of stainless steel tea and coffee accessories for over 20 years. Driven by their mission of providing fresh solutions to their customers, Frieling is passionately dedicated to developing and sourcing functional and well-designed products of the highest quality. Naturally eco-friendly, Frieling’s reusable tea infusers and reusable coffee filters help eliminate disposables.
More Details Dimensions
Single-serving (1-cup pour-over): 3.5" x 3.5"

Design & Functionality
With Frieling’s reusable coffee filters, you can replace wasteful paper coffee filters. The 23-karat gold plated filters are easy to clean and don't absorb coffee's flavors like paper filters. High-quality construction means it will replace hundreds of paper filters from landfills over its lifetime. The single-serving filter is perfect for the times you'd normally run to the coffee shop. When you're done brewing your coffee, just rinse the filter.
One-cup filter is easy to use:
1. Simply put ground coffee (medium grind recommended) into filter
2. Place the water regulator on top
3. Then place filter into a mug and pour hot water into the regulator
4. Place lid on to regulate the flow of the water and to keep the coffee hot while brewing

The metallic filter foil is plated with 23-karat gold and is made by electro-forming - is a highly specialized process of metal part fabrication. The plastic pieces are made of polypropylene .

Frieling’s reusable single-serving filter saves you trips to the coffee shop (and those wasteful paper cups) when you just want a quick cup. They're extremely durable, so you can use them over and over again.

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe

  • Makes a perfect addition to a gift basket with high-quality coffee beans and travel mug
  • Customers who love this product recommend medium grind – too fine filters painfully slow, too coarse coffee is weak.

Country of Origin
Made in China

Product Name & Number:
Frieling One Cup Coffee Filter, G2030