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BAGGU® Duck Bag

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Made of durable and eco-chic recycled cotton canvas, this duck bag by BAGGU® looks sustainably stylish while helping you curb single-use plastic bag waste. With two handles and a 40-inch adjustable shoulder strap, this reusable canvas shopping bag easily adapts to your comfort needs. At nearly a foot and a half in height with durable seams, this bag promises to carry large loads of groceries, textbooks, gym clothes, and so much more with comfort, style and ease. Convenient rounded inner pocket keeps personal items like a wallet or cell phone safely stowed and within reach, while the bag's simple snap closure makes for hassle-free and quick opening and closing.

Rather than contributing to plastic bag waste and environmental pollution, BAGGU® offers an eco-friendly, multi-purpose and fashionable alternative to the use-and-toss option. Recycled, biodegradable materials make for a sustainable replacement to those plastic bags that could take up to 1,000 years to break down. Not only does BAGGU® make replacing disposables simple and affordable, but you can look smart and sophisticated while doing it. Available in multiple stylish colors.

• Reusable duck bag by BAGGU® with handles and adjustable shoulder strap
• Made of durable recycled cotton canvas
• Inner pocket carries small personal items
• Easy to open and close snap features
• Multiple colors available


Dimensions: 16"H x 12"W x 5.5"D
SKU 504976
Brand Baggu
Brand Description A small team of designers and entrepreneurs founded BAGGU® in 2007 on the principle that good design should be functional, beautiful and affordable. Their goal is to make basic products that serve multiple uses, allowing you to own and consume less. With that goal in mind, BAGGU makes reusable shopping bags that are sturdy, strong and stylish. Best of all, BAGGU bags are designed to be folded into a pouch, so they can easily be taken to go.
More Details

16"H x 12"W x 5.5"D

Recycled cotton canvas

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold and line dry

Country of Origin
Made ethically in China, BAGGU® Bags are manufactured in a modern factory outside of Shanghai. The factory adheres to a strict code of conduct that limits working hours and provides a fair wage. An independent company inspects the facility regularly to ensure compliance.

Available Styles
• Black
• Chestnut
• Cube Green
• Fig
• Forest
• Indigo
• Poppy
• Sailor Stripe