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Abeego Flats Food Wrap, Set of 3

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The Abeego Flats Food Wrap set is the ideal waste-free kitchen companion. Replace plastic wrap, aluminum foil and other disposables that wastefully consume natural resources with these easy to clean, air and liquid resistant beeswax-coated food covers. Use pressure in combination with the warmth of your hands to form Abeego Flats over dishes to cover leftovers, or just wrap your Abeego Flat around produce and other foods to preserve freshness and flavor. Abeego will be slightly adhesive and malleable at room temperature, and stiffen when cooled—holding the shape you created. Gives you the ability to take all kinds of foods on the go and without the waste—from sandwiches and wraps, to fruits, veggies and more. Great for bakers and cooks alike—Abeego Flats are insulating and breathable—making them a perfect cover for rising bread dough, or fermenting foods such as yogurt or butter milk. Safe for up to 1 month of use in the freezer on frozen foods.

The US discards over 2.5 million tons of aluminum every year, the largest source being packaging and beverage containers. Make the sustainable switch by incorporating Abeego's food covers into your daily food storage routine. Made from a sustainable combination of hemp, cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil, you can use your Abeego cling film for over a year, with a little love and proper care. To clean, simply hand wash with cold water and gentle, eco-friendly biodegradable soap, and air dry. When your Abeego Flats have run their course, Abeego can be composted or cut up and upcycled for other uses. Not recommended for use in dishwashers, microwaves, direct heat or high temperatures. Set includes 1 purple 7 inch square, 1 blue 10 inch square, and 1 green 13 inch square to fit a range of foods.

• Food wraps with beeswax coating are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap
• Simply press or wrap around leftover food to preserve freshness and flavor
• Wraps are malleable at room temperature; stiffen when cooled
• Made of hemp, cotton, beeswax and other natural materials
• Set includes three sizes of food covers with three different colored stitches


Dimensions: Purple stitched square is 7"L x 7"W
Blue stitched square is 10"L x 10"W
Green stitched square is 13"L x 13"W
SKU 505004NT
Brand Abeego
Brand Description Canada-based Abeego is inspired by nature—rooted in the belief that all-natural materials are ideal for food storage and keeping food fresh. With a background in holistic nutrition and years of experience in the service industry, Abeego founder Toni Desrosiers believes in food storage you can feel good about whole-heartedly. Since 2008, Toni and her team have lived by the rules that all ingredients in their food wraps be completely natural, have no chemical alternation, been used at some point in history for food preservation and be FDA approved for food contact.
More Details Dimensions
Purple stitched square is 7"L x 7"W
Blue stitched square is 10"L x 10"W
Green stitched square is 13"L x 13"W

Blend of beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil infused into cotton and hemp fabric

Care Instructions
Handwash with cold water and gentle, alcohol-free, biodegradable soap; air dry

• Stains and creases are normal with your Abeego Flat; we think they add character!
• Though you may notice a little reside leftover from Abeego Flats on darker pots or bowls, simply wash natural residue off with cold water.
• Abeego Flats are not leakproof
• Abeego Flats are not suitable for dishwasher, microwave oven, high temperatures or direct heat
• Avoid direct contact with raw meat

Country of Origin
Responsibly handcrafted in Canada with fair labor laws