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Razor Renew Knife Sharpener and Strop, 15.5"

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Extend the life of your razors and create less waste with this leather razor and knife sharpener. Glide your blades along the handmade, high quality cow leather strap—just like an old school barber—to create a fresh, sharp edge and polish off those tiny burrs that can wreak havoc on your skin.

This 15.5" Razor Renew is ideal for razors, scissors and knife blades 3" or shorter. With the sueded side of the strap facing up, just push the blade or razor along the leather surface, in the opposite direction of the way you'd normally shave, and in just a few strokes your blades will be sharp again. Flip the strap over to the smooth side and repeat the action to remove burrs, those tiny imperfections that while too small for the eye to see, can lead to painful cuts.

You'll get up to 10 times as many shaves out of a typical razor with this thoroughly hipster-chic accessory. If you change blades roughly once a week, you're using and disposing of more than 70 blades a year. With Razor Renew, you'll only need to use seven blades all year, saving you more than $250 a year on an average $4 blade and producing waaayyy less waste.

Attach your strap just about anywhere with either the trigger snap or 8" hook-and-loop strap. And you won't need the paste or dust required by other sharpening methods—just keep your Razor Renew dry and be sure that the blades you're sharpening are also dry, and you'll get years of freshly-sharpened razors and knives. There will be no stopping your stropping!

• Razor and knife sharpener
• Works on all razor blades, from the most expensive to the cheapest
• Add up to 10 times as many shaves to each blade's life, reducing cost and waste
• Also useful for sharpening knives, scissors and other kinds of blades under 3"
• Handmade from high quality leather


Dimensions: 1.5"W x 15.5"L
SKU 505798
Brand Razor Renew
Brand Description John Mecham was tired of spending money on pricey disposable razors, so he invented Razor Renew, a leather tool that manually sharpens and polishes not just razor blades but also knives, scissors and other cutting instruments. Razor Renew is similar to the leather strops that old-school barbers use to sharpen straight edge razors. What’s different is the material. John found that cowhide, which is great for straight edges, is too harsh for thin razor blades. He experimented with different leathers and different designs before settling on a suede side to sharpen and hone the metal, and a smooth leather side to smooth and polish. It’s made in the U.S., and it’s designed to last a lifetime if you care for it properly. John wouldn’t have it any other way.
More Details

1.5"W x 15.5"L

High quality cow leather

To use:
• Secure the strap to a stable hook or handle using the trigger snap or 8" x 0.5" hook-and-loop strap
• Press razor against sueded side of strap and push away from you, in the opposite direction of shaving; never shave your Razor Renew!
• Make several passes in one direction, then repeat in opposite direction
• Flip strap over to smooth side and repeat, performing roughly twice as many passes in each direction

Care for your Razor Renew:
• Always keep your Razor Renew strap and the blades you are sharpening dry
• Do not use any paste, dust or other sharpening medium
• Always push blades in opposite direction of normal use: don''t shave your Razor Renew

Country of Origin
Handmade in USA—Chandler, AZ