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Reusable Napkins, Utensils & More

Reusable Napkins, Utensils & More

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    Reuseit Organic Cotton Lunch Napkin, Set of 4

    BYON—Bring your own napkin! This is a no-brainer for waste-free lunch packing. By packing your own organic cotton lunch napkin—available in a variety of bold colors to fit your style—you eliminate the need to generate the waste of dirty paper napkins and paper towels that fill up the trash. These napkins are soft and absorbent and just as convenient as use & toss napkins because they are machine washable. Reuse them time and time again and never add to a landfill.

    • Made of organic cotton
    • Soft and absorbent
    • Large 12” x 12” size
    • Machine washable and easy to care for
    • Available in a variety of colors
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    Reuseit Roll Up Bamboo Utensils and Placemat

    Cut down on plastic waste with these portable, eco-friendly utensils made with bamboo -...
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    Funkins Cloth Napkin, Holiday

    Made with kids' lunches in mind, Funkins' reusable cloth napkin eliminates the need for wasteful ...
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    Reuseit Steaming Divided Lunch Container and Tote

    From cooling, to carrying, to heating, this Reuseit Steaming Divided Lunch Container and Tote has …
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    reuseit Reusable Organic Cotton Napkins, Set of 4

    You'll be smiling over spilled milk with the help of our Reusable Organic Cotton Napkins. ...

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    Funbites Food Shape Cutter, 2 Piece Set

    Little bites, big fun—Funbites Food Shape Cutter cuts foods into bite-sized, easy-to-eat shapes. Make everyday ...

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    Reuseit Bamboo Travel Utensils in Neoprene Carrying Case

    Cut down on plastic waste with these portable, eco-friendly utensils made with 100% bamboo -...
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    SIGG Kids' Aluminum Water Bottle, 13.5 fl oz

    Ditch disposables and protect your children's health by purchasing a safe, SIGG reusable water bottle ...
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    SIGG Cuipo Kids' Water Bottle with Active Top, 13.5 fl oz

    Kids will go crazy for the fun, animal character designs on these Cuipo-branded SIGG reusable ...
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9 Item(s)

Smart, sustainable, reusable alternatives to disposable plastic utensils, paper napkins and more. Our selection includes durable bamboo utensils, innovative silverware (including sporks, an all-in-one spoon, fork and knife), reusable cloth and hemp napkins, glass straws, stainless steel straws and more. These eco-friendly lunch items help to save thousands of disposable plastic and paper items from landfills while saving you money.

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