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Office & School Supplies

Office & School Supplies

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    Reuseit Paper Pot Maker Tool

    Reduce, reuse and recycle with our Paper Pot Maker. You can reuse paper from magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more to make a positive impact on the environment. Turn excess paper into starter pots for seedlings by rolling papers around the press, and pushing it into the base to form 2.25” pots.

    We love this item because it provides a simply way to turn waste into a long-term positive influence on the environment. Plants help our planet! And the more trees and plants we can get growing from excess paper, the more we do to cancel out the paper waste! So grab your pile of junk mail, the paper from your yard, out-of-date magazines and get rolling!

    • Easy to use
    • Turns waste into a positive environmental impact
    • Durable and reusable for years to come
    • Even better than recycling paper
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1 Item(s)

Eco-friendly office supplies make it easy to lead a waste-free, sustainable lifestyle in each and every way—even at school, on campus and at the office. Here, you’ll find everything from staple free staplers (to make it easier to recycle documents—no need to remove metal staples!), to refillable dry erase markers, recycled paper notebooks, recycled laptop sleeves and other office and study essentials that are especially made to decrease our collective impact on the environment. When it’s time to take notes, choose to ditch disposables and instead turn to the reusable and recycled office supplies you’ll find here!

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