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Silicone Tea Bag Holder, Squeezer and Hook

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SKU: 506141
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This life-saving Silicone Tea Bag Holder, Squeezer and Hook solves all the dilemmas surrounding tea drinking. If you haven't ever considered the dilemmas around drinking tea, prepare to be enlightened. We'll be providing a list of reasons why tea drinking can be an absolute challenge:

1. Your tea bag string slides off the edge of your mug, sending your tea bag "floater" into an abyss of hot water.
2. Worse yet, your tea bag tag completely separates from the tea bag string bringing your entire tea-making process to a screeching halt. How could you possibly be expected to hold on to a tiny white string?
3. Once your tea bag has steeped long enough, your fingertips have to endure burning pain as you squeeze excess water from your tea bag.
4. After making your tea, what do you do with the used tea bag? Especially if your Grandmother's prize tea bag rest is no where to be found?

Enter this Teasquee Silicone Tea Bag Holder, Squeezer and Hook. Its simple design is handy and helpful through every phase of the making tea process—the only thing this BPA-free tea bag squeezer can't do is heat your water. First place this tea bag hook onto the side of your mug and thread the tea bag string through the slot. First dilemma? Gone. After your tea bag has steeped, simply slide the Teasquee off the rim and squeeze the excess water from the tea bag with your fingers gently protected from the hot water by the platinum silicone material. There's even built in finger grips, so dropping this tea bag squeezer is nearly impossible and getting all the flavoricious tea from the delicate leaves of oolong, darjeeling or pekoe all the more real.

But the handiest part? After use, set the Teasquee aside, teabag and all—yes, even on the counter. No more being held captive from tea drinking because of Nana's MIA tea bag holder. Because this Teasquee is essential to every cup of tea you make, we recommend gentle hand washing.

• BPA-free tea bag squeezer
• Hooks onto the side of your mug
• Holds your used tea bag
• Platinum silicone material
• Hand wash only


Dimensions: 3"L x 1.75"W
SKU 506141
Brand Le'kue'
More Details

3"L x 1.75"W

100% BPA-free, platinum silicone

Care Instructions
Hand wash

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in Spain and assembled in China with fair labor practices

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