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Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Set

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SKU: 506325STA

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Our Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Set takes grilling locally-sourced meat and homegrown veggies to a whole new level of "green." That's right, you can grill kabobs to your heart's content without chucking tons of single-use bamboo skewers! Stainless steel skewers securely hold peppers, onions, chicken, steak and more. Throw in some pineapple to bring a tropical vibe to your backyard party! 

Quite the waste-free BBQ accessory, this set features the handy FLIPKabob® technology: squeeze it, flip it, that's it! When ready to flip, slide the skewer into the skewer channel, flip-it and release the squeeze on the handles. This BBQ tool with wood handle makes it easy to cook your kabobs evenly on both sides. No more spinning the skewer while meat and vegetables try to stick to the grill, and no more wasteful wooden skewers! Eco-minded Dad's will go bananas over this stainless steel shish kabob set, making it a killer gift for Father's Day. Set includes six skewers, one FLIPKabob and a tasty kabob recipe.

And just a reminder, if you are grilling with the earth in mind use propane—which is nearly three times as efficient as lump charcoal and releases less particulate matter. Don't have a propane grill? Then we recommend charcoal briquettes which are made from scrap wood that would otherwise go to waste. The more responsible manufacturers build their plants near construction centers and use recycled heat from those centers to power their briquette kilns!

• 6 stainless steel shish kabob sticks
• Replaces wooden or bamboo skewers
• FLIPKabob handle easily cooks kabobs on both sides 
• Eco-friendly BBQ accessories
• Great gift for Dads


Dimensions: Skewers 12"L
FLIPKabob 18"L x 7"W
SKU 506325STA
Brand RSVP International
More Details

Skewers 12"L
FLIPKabob 18"L x 7"W

Stainless steel 
FLIPKabob has wood handle

Care Instructions
Stainless steel skewers are dishwasher safe
Recommend hand washing the FLIPKabob

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in China with fair labor practices

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