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Red Flatterware Collapsible Cup
Red Flatterware Collapsible CupRed Flatterware Collapsible Cup Compact

Red Flatterware Collapsible Cup 1018997

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Red Flatterware Collapsible Cup

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Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval
  • Cup is made of a single piece of ABS plastic
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free
  • Light, compact and durable
  • Holds 12 oz of hot or cold liquids
  • Compacts to a flat, portable disc
  • Springs open and closed easily
  • Replaces disposable cups

"This single-piece design is infallable."- Gear Review

When you're on the go, carrying a bottle doesn't always make sense, and using disposable cups can be inevitable - in hotels, on planes or in the office cafeteria. Flatterware's collapsible cup is the perfect solution - the portable, pocket-sized disc expands into a sturdy cup that holds 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid.
More Product Details
3.94" x 1.25" when compact
volume: 12 ounces

Design and Functionality
Flatterware's collapsible cup is made from a single piece of flexible plastic, and it's helical structure enables it to spring right into shape when you open it up. The cup holds 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid. When collapsed, it folds down flat into into a pocket-sized disc and locks and seals into its lid. The outer casing is extremely durable and will withstand wear-and-tear from daily activities, keeping the cup inside free from damage.

Made of certified food-grade #7 ABS and TPE plastics, which are easily ground and recycled and are free from harmful toxins. (Note: #7 plastic is often associated with harmful plastics. The fact is #7 simply means other - it can be safe plastic like the ABS used here. For more info, read our plastics FAQ.)

Using this cup instead of disposables will help save hundreds of cups and water bottles from landfills. Product packaging is minimal, taking advantage of the cup's compact design. This reduces waste and also also helps minimize associated freight costs, reducing the product's overall carbon footprint.

About Flatterware
Flatterware is a product design line of Brooklyn-based product design company Stewart/Stand. Since the introduction of Flatlinks in 2002, the company has produced its unique, simple and innovative designs.

Care Instructions
Microwavable and dishwasher safe.

• Carry it with you in your purse or bag and use it at water fountains or restaurants. Just think of all the times you've been at a restaurant and not wanted to take the free water because it would waste a disposable cup!
• Store in your car's glove box or your office drawer.

Country of Origin
Made in China

Available Color
• Red
3.9 (based on 13 customer reviews)
By Gwen R
12/31/2011 1:22:00 AM

Comments about Product:

Haven't had a chance to use the cups yet. But I know they will be very handy when we travel. I have always been very satisfied with previous transactions, (service & products)

Regards Gwen
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By Katelyn S
10/27/2011 7:24:00 AM
5.0 Love how practical and portable this is!

Comments about Product:

This cup is so flat when it collapses that you can carry it everywhere and never have to feel the guilt of disposable cups! Cleaning is very easy, and it dries quickly, too :D
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By Angela Marie A
7/20/2011 10:28:00 AM
4.0 best collapsible cup I\'ve had

Comments about Product:

Great collapsible cup, very sturdy. It's easy to carry around and I enjoy surprising people when I unfold it :D Only complaint is that it can get smelly if I don't use or unfold it daily.
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By Carole C
5/5/2011 9:15:00 PM

Comments about Product:

The collapseable cups are great. Slightly larger than I expected but they did fit in our carry case.
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By Elizabeth S
9/22/2010 8:51:00 AM
3.0 Product is fine but

Comments about Product:

it came wrapped in plastic! Not the smartest packaging. Defeats the original purpose.
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By Eleanor T
9/7/2010 12:21:00 PM
4.0 Nifty!

Comments about Product:

I bought the Flatterware collapsible cup originally because I travel a lot, and I like having a real cup when I brush my teeth or need a drink of water in the middle of the night. Fewer motels (the cheap ones I stay at, at least) have cups next to the bathroom sinks, and when they do, sometimes you're not too sure how clean they really are. The Flatterwear cup is about pocket size when flattened and capped, so it is very easy to bring along on a trip. At first I had some trouble trying to get it to "squish" and stay squished, but with practice it became automatic. (The instructions say you should wash the cup in hot water before using to get it to collapse better. I'm assuming they mean put it in a dishwasher, but I don't have one, so I washed it by hand---maybe the water I used wasn't hot enough.) The cup does have a rubber/plastic smell when new, and it takes a while for it to go away. You might not want to use it to drink a fine wine with, but it does serve my purpose as a travel cup.
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By Alexandra S
5/25/2010 9:42:00 PM
3.0 Ok, but not spectacular

Comments about Product:

It is difficult to produce a collapsable cup that is sturdy enough to drink out of, and this one compromises by using a thick spring-like frame covered by a rubbery shell. The cup folds into a disk-like plastic case, the base of which is attached to the cup itself. Overall, it's a bit too large for a travel cup and the attached base and permanently crumpled sides make it awkward to use. Overall only three stars.
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By Dawn J
5/11/2010 7:34:00 PM
3.0 12 oz. collapsable cup

Comments about Product:

I bought two I thought they would be great to keep in my purse for tea at the coffee shops. these are NOT 12 oz. cups. they hold 10 if you pour right up to the brim. I checked with several different measuring cups to be sure. If you just want a water cup they are good but if you want to purchase a 12 oz. drink you'd be ripping yourself off every time you bought a drink. there are not 10 oz tea options...
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By Anchalee P
4/22/2010 8:46:00 AM
5.0 Great cup. Very handy!

Comments about Product:

Actually I bought this cup from other online seller. I love it! Other collapsible cups I have are small. This is the first collapsible cup with a decent size (12 fl oz). I use it almost everyday at work, not for drinking actually, but for rinsing my mouth after lunch. It's so very handy. The only tiny negative about it is sometimes it's not easy to push it back down. You have to push the cap down at the right angle, then twist it to keep it close. Other than that I'm very happy with it. I think it's very sturdy.
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By Isabel G
2/4/2010 11:16:00 AM
4.0 So far, so good

Comments about Product:

These have been useful beyond drinks. I use them for divvying up snacks when we our out. Each of my children gets a cup with snacks. This is really cut down on containers - since I can buy or bring a larger one and no fighting from the children. It also fits nicely in the cup holder for snacks. Oh - great for drinks too. ( They do feel a bit flimsy, but I suppose they have to be soft because of the flexibility needs. )
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By amy t
1/8/2010 9:18:00 AM

Comments about Product:

Even though I was careful, mine developed a hole or rip in the cup wall after only five or less uses. Good idea but it should last longer.
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By Dan M
9/14/2009 10:50:00 AM
5.0 We purchased 4 of these cups to use for our picnic

Comments about Product:

We purchased 4 of these cups to use for our picnics and larger bottle or wine purchases throughout an upcoming trip across Italy, Switzerland and eastern Europe. We have washed in warm water as instructed and tested these cups. They are absolutely perfect for our needs. Although they may not be the classiest looking cups they are easily packable for picnics, not breakable and easily washable...therefore perfect for our needs!
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By Jo Ann S
9/9/2009 11:57:00 AM
4.0 This cup is awesome!

Comments about Product:

This cup is awesome! I keep it in my purse and use it whenever I grab lunch somewhere that offers paper cups for free water.
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